Last Look at a Disappointing Week 15 for AZ

Thanks to a below par performance in week 15 against the Minnesota Vikings, the Cardinals were on the wrong end of a 35-14 beat down. The Cardinals have lost three out of their last four games. After being pushed around by other NFC teams, Cardinals Nation has more questions than answers. Despite the recent poor play, head coach Ken Whisenhunt was staying confident at his press conference.

Division title a distraction

Ken Whisenhunt: We've said all a long we are a work in progress. The last game is really a testament to that. After winning the division that next week with a lot of people telling us how good we were and patting us on the back and talking about the playoff, that's obviously a distraction. It's something that I didn't see signs of during the week but it was pretty evident yesterday after watching the tape that we didn't play as well as we could have. We had opportunities to make plays that could of change the out come early in the game and we didn't make those plays and that's the difference. It's a wake up call.

Moving forward

KW: We've shown in the past that we can come back and play a good game after playing a poor one. Yesterday the effort was there, our guys played hard it was just more about not being as mental focused as we have been and that hurt us. We were going against a team that was desperate from the stand point of having to win to get into the playoffs.

I don't think that a lot of the progress we've made this year is going to be lost because of this game. Our focus the next two week is about improving our play and getting prepared for the playoffs. The game that really counts the most is that playoff game coming up.

Playing to the expectations of winning

KW: We've talked about it from the stand point of being prepared. Not having a let down. A lot of times it's easy to talk about things. You can work on it on the field, you can talk about it in meetings, but when you get in between the lines on Sunday it's something you have to experience.

We have not handled that very well. If you look back at us this year in the few times when we've had success it's well documented we haven't handled success well. At some point we have to continue to mature as a team. Some of our leaders have to understand that situation. It's a process. That's not something you can just talk about and have it happen. It something you have to experience and go through.

Learning from defeat

KW: We're building a foundation to be a successful team. This team has never experienced winning a division before. This team has never experienced winning three games in a row before. Those are all things we can talk about but we have to be better at handling those things.

We've had the fortune of playing two desperate teams in Philadelphia and Minnesota. We didn't handle that very well. That's what a playoff game is going to be like. We have the chance to face another team like that this week. As we continue to go forward I think the team will learn from it and ultimately it will help us.

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