Quall's Fantasy Football Corner: Santa's List

Santa Claus is on his way and that spells trouble for a few NFL players. This week Qualls' Fantasy Football Corner has stolen a copy of Santa's list. Up ahead are five players receiving coal this season and five lucky athletes getting a brand new bike. Who'll be riding around the neighborhood come Christmas day? Who'll be sent back up to their room alone? QFFC reveals it all.

Nice List:

1. Kurt Warner: The ultimate good guy, Warner should be at the head of this list year after year. At 37 many experts thought his career was over. Warner disproved that theory with ease and could potentially be on his way to a second MVP season. From grocery clerk, to back up, to Super Bowl Champ, Warner's story puts most people into the Christmas spirit. Larry Fitzgerald and Anquan Boldin will be sending him thank you cards this season, as should anyone who considers the Cardinals their squad.

2. Michael Turner: No longer in the shadow of LaDainian Tomlinson, Turner has broken out in a big way. As a member of the Atlanta Falcons he has rushed for over 1400 yards and 15 touchdowns. Santa is big on helping others and Turner has certainly helped the Falcons recover from the Michael Vick disaster.

3. Andre Johnson: Playing in relative obscurity, Johnson has finally started to play up to his potential. After an injury shortened season in 2007, he has shown was he is truly capably of. When Johnson was drafted he was projected to be a shoe-in Pro Bowler. With a league leading 1408 receiving yards, he may be on the verge of doing just that.

4. DeAngelo Williams: Even with Jonathan Stewart stealing carries, Williams has still managed to compile Pro Bowl worthy stats. His 14 touchdowns are second only to Michael Turner. The addition of over 1200 yards rushing makes Williams a prime target for the gifts of St. Nick.

5. Drew Brees: Brees has been nothing but great for the Saints this season. A passer rating of 93.9 coupled with 28 touchdowns and 4332 passing yards will make for a big Christmas for the quarterback. Even with the loss of Reggie Bush, Brees has still been able to keep the team competitive.

Naughty List:

1. Plaxico Burress: Burress' portion of Santa's list runs for roughly 20-30 pages. Here is the condensed version. Burress threw away about 35 million dollars by bringing a gun to a night club. He let down the city of New York and his teammates. His idea to tuck a loaded gun into his waistband, when he could easily afford a holster was idiotic. Think less Jesse James and more Billy Crystal in City Slickers.

2. Chad Johnson: Johnson has been nothing but a distraction this season. The most interesting aspect of his game has always been the touchdown celebrations, but this season those have been few and far between. Johnson's season began with controversy and never recovered.

3. Edgerrin James: Cardinal fans have watched the slow decline of a superior athlete. In an almost exact replica of the signing of Emmitt Smith, James has shown that his best days are behind him. After losing his starting job to a fifth round pick, he has found his playing time decreased to almost nothing. Thanks for the memories, but Santa doesn't give presents for being good 5 years ago.

4. Vernon Davis: As the definition for "waste of talent", Davis has managed to turn freakish TE speed (4.38 and rumored to be the fastest ever for that position) into an unimpressive 323 yards receiving and 2 touchdowns. Why would Santa give him anymore gifts if he's already wasted the ones that he has?

5. Vince Young: As the Tennessee Titans marched toward perfection, the previous face of their franchise was nowhere to be seen. Young was having second thoughts about the NFL and had allowed frustration to get to him. Kerry Collins stepped up and saved the season for the Titans. Maybe next year Young will get back into the good graces of Santa, but this year he can enjoy a fat lump of coal.

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