You Said it Best: Cardinals Reality Check hops into the message boards to see what the buzz is after the Cardinals lost by 40 points to the New England Patriots in week 16.

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SoDakRed- Rookie

This is no wakeup call. It is a reality check. The Cardinals have won a division that may the worst in NFL history. They will sweep the West assuming they win next week against the Seasquawks. Aside from those six gift wrapped wins they will end 3-7 against the rest of the league. The Cardinals may have been a better team last year.

Reddog7- Veteran

I don't see this as a wake up call. I see this as a team that I thought was fired up and ready to prove something instead get a real beat down. The Cards simply are not playing playoff football while others are (or seem to be). I blame coach for this massacre as much as the players.

Players: Poor tackling, special teams continuing to give up great field position, and the offensive line continuing to under achieve.

Coaching: Poor defensive schemes, notably no pressure on the opposing QB. And how many times has our guy Idaho scream for this need, which has been echoed by the announcers over the past few games!


I know I have little to no support on this board in my continued support of Edgerrin James, but I did note support of my view from the announcers. If I recall correctly he gained 18 yards in three carries as I write this, averaging six yards per carry, under horrible conditions, and after being so frozen out of the last I don't know how many games. Going for it 4th and 1 as they did in the first quarter (or was it the second?) was in my opinion a good call, but the bad thing was that they chose to try and pass to Ben Patrick rather than hand off to James at a time when he was giving us some momentum on the ground.

His momentum and the teams' came to a screeching halt! I also find it noteworthy that even when the game was finally totally out of reach, we still saw little of Edge'. Hightower continued as the featured back even after I lost count of how many of his dropped passes throughout the game. If Edge is no longer a starter, he should have at least been played more when Matt was brought in. How little confidence is that? .......and it certainly contradicts managements' assertion that James is still considered an important player on this team when they refused to honor his request for release. This all continues to lead me to suspect that there is something personal here where his inactivity is concerned. Now I do hope that he goes, and hopefully to someone who will utilize what he still has left to offer.

PurpleTyr- Rookie

You guys have some of the best posters on the Scout network: Very classy and fun to read. Take care guys and see you in the playoffs maybe.

Come join the fun and sound off in the message boards by click here.

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