Cardinals Lose Battle- Will they win the War?

The Arizona Cardinals know the East Coast hasn't been a gracious host this season, but the Cardinals aren't making excuses for their poor performance. The 47-7 loss was darn right embarrassing. But the Cardinals are ready to climb the uphill battle once again and not make any excuses. Here is some of the Cardinals thoughts on the game, their play, the weather, the East Coast and more.

Just when the league was starting to give the Cardinals a little respect, they endure mortifying losses two weeks in a row. The Cardinals confidence is waning. A win at home next week against the Seattle Seahawks should do the trick, as long as the boys in red don't start to point blame.

"The biggest thing is, we have to refocus," WR Steve Breaston said. "We need to start executing no matter what the conditions. We can't let distractions get to us, we just need to go out there and play our game. We can't point fingers, everyone needs to be accountable for their own actions, we just need to go out there and start winning ball games."

The Cardinals can win, but they've struggled to win against good teams. The Patriots were solid in every phase on Sunday.

"We played a good team; they are a very well-balanced team," WR Sean Morey said. "They are physical, smart, well disciplined and they know how to play in this element. You have to respect the job that they did. Unfortunately we were not prepared and we didn't execute the game plan. "

Arizona has the tools to be successful. It has the depth, talent and coaches to play at the next level, but the Cardinals didn't look as if they could compete against the better teams in the league.

The current losing streak could be a combination of many factors. Getting comfy with the division title could be one. The Cardinals were getting pats on the back once the crown jewel was in sight. Clinching the division so early could be the Cardinals downfall.

Kurt Warner is frustrated.

"I guess its hard to say, because of this team and where we've been and the big deal that was made out of that and a lot of guys that had not been in that position before," Warner said. "I guess maybe, but come on, if that's it, then get over it. We haven't done anything yet. I don't know, I don't know if you can say that its contributed to that, but if it is, we've got to pick it up and get past that now and say there is more in front of us. If we want to take a chance, lets take it. If we're happy with winning a division, then I guess that's all we'll do this year. Hopefully we get our mind set on doing more than that and not just getting into the playoffs, but doing something."

The Cardinals haven't played like division winners in the past two weeks.

"I wouldn't necessarily say something is missing, but I do think we are getting away from what got us in the position we are in, which was winning our division," Safety Antrel Rolle said. "It is all about execution and there are not too many excuses to make for a game like this. I mean it was 47-7. It was embarrassing last week and even more embarrassing this week. It is not something that we can brush off our shoulder. They are a great team. There is no doubt about it. We consider ourselves a good team also, but we haven't been playing like it."

So Can the Cardinals Get it Together?

Coach Ken Whisenhunt thinks so.

"We're going to go back to work Wednesday with the idea of winning our last game and then getting ready for a playoff game," Whisenhunt said. "From that standpoint, I don't think it's difficult to turn it around. I think we've got to play better. Like I said, you want to be playing better football than we're playing right now. Fortunately we have a game left to go and our goal is going to be to play better next week. If we can do that, then that will give us some confidence, I believe."

The Weather Man Smith

"I don't think the weather was a factor," DE Antonio Smith said. "We have to come back together and win games. They had a good game plan and a couple big plays early. They could pass in the snow too. (The weather) affected our footing; it took a while to get the right footing on the turf out there. But I don't think it was much of a factor. The only factor in my opinion was getting your footing. It took us a while, probably about three series to play the right technique to get our footing on the ice and snow. That was my first time playing in that type of weather. It was no fun to me."

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