Qualls' Fantasy Football Corner: Failures

As the 2008 regular season winds down there is just one question in need of an answer. Why did your fantasy football team lose again? From bad decisions to unlucky breaks, there are a variety of reasons why a team with so much potential could finish up so poorly. This week Qualls' Fantasy Football Corner brings the top five reasons for fantasy failure.

1. Tom Brady: After watching Brady throw an ungodly amount of touchdowns during the Patriots near perfect season, he seemed like a lock to rebound with another Pro Bowl season. He was projected higher than usual for any quarterback and many individuals drafted him in the top three spots. When his knee went down during the first game of the season, across the country a Brady-led depression took place. For many owners their season had ended before it could even begin.

2. Thursday Games: It is difficult to find enough time to during the weekend to make the proper adjustments to a fantasy squad. Add in the Thursday games and it becomes nearly impossible. Countless owners have eagerly awaited Sunday with the hopes of another victory, only to find their bye week quarterback had ended up starting again on Thursday night before proper changes could be made. The frustrations of those early games are only exacerbated when the difference between success and failure is not making switches on Wednesday night.

3. Plaxico Burress: Having a dangerous receiving threat on the field is necessary for any fantasy squad to be successful. Having a dangerous threat in the club will destroy a chance at a championship. Burress has been demolished in the media for his reckless actions. While his gun endangered the lives of innocent people in that night club, it also ruined the hopes of certain fantasy football owners across the country. Those who drafted Burress thinking they were getting a highly productive Super Bowl hero were sorely disappointed. Instead, they ended up with a minimally productive, overpaid, first rate punk.

4. A Significant Other: Nothing gets in the way of a productive fantasy football season like a significant other. Whether it is a spouse, girlfriend, or a date, they all find ways to interrupt the in-depth research that goes into each week. If your team was terrible this season and you have a significant other, maybe it is time to rethink your direction in life. As the economy worsens, the importance of fantasy football will only recede in their minds. If they were to find out that you paid 100 dollars to join your league that would just make the situation more serious. Now is not the time to do it, but once the smell of training camp is in the air and you find yourself hovering in the grocery store waiting for the draft cheat sheets to come out, then make your move.

Of course, don't take this advice seriously. Waiting until training camp to break up with a significant other who doesn't support fantasy football is just insane.

5. Over-Hyped Players: The draft is stuffed full of these kinds of players. Everybody is high on them to start the season, but they fizzle and end up making all those who took a flyer on them look foolish. This season it was Derek Anderson who did the most damage. After a stellar season in 2007, most expected him to become a solid starter. With the help of Kellen Winslow Jr. and Braylon Edwards, he might have even made the Pro Bowl. That was clearly not the case, as he was benched and later placed on IR with an unfortunate injury. Those who wasted a draft pick on Anderson were forced to scour the waiver wire looking for a worthy replacement.

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