Arizona Cardinals: NFL's MythBusters

Acting as the NFL's version of MythBusters, the Cardinals have shocked the experts by destroying the Panthers on their way to the NFC Championship game. Kurt Warner and company carved up the Panthers defense, while the Cards defense made Jake Delhomme wish he had chosen a different career path. What myths were busted and what was proved true? explains just that.

Top-Five Busted Myth's

1. The Cardinals can't stop the run: Throughout the season the Cards have been plagued with the inability to play solid defense. Their disturbing performances in New England and Philadelphia led many analysts to question their dedication. Two games in Michael Turner, DeAngelo Williams, and Jonathan Stewart all know how quickly a defense can change.

2. The Cardinals are the worst playoff team in history: The fuel for the fire and arguably the main source behind the recent surge. The Cardinals were given this unwanted title and since have looked like a completely revamped team. Maybe now they should change it to worse playoff team to go to the NFC Championship game or they could just apologize and pretend like it never happened.

3. The run game will be even more ineffective in January: Sixteen weeks of mostly inept rushing caused almost everyone to believe that nothing would change in the postseason. Ironically at the end of the 33-13 drubbing of the Panthers, the Cardinals had actually run more (43) than they passed (32).

4. Without Boldin, the Cardinals have no chance: When Anquan Boldin limped to the sidelines during the Falcons game, most fans hoped that a timely return was pending. After Boldin decided to make it a game time decision, Arizona anxiously awaited the outcome. Boldin was unable to go and many thought that spelled doom for the franchise's Cinderella run. However, Fitzgerald is talented enough for two and the Cardinals barely missed their Pro Bowl star.

5. The Cardinals can't win on the road: This myth was all but a fact up until this past weekend. The Cardinals literally could not win on the road. They defeated a few division weaklings, but outside of that, they were regularly blown up away from University of Phoenix Stadium. A convincing win over the Panthers showed that, surprise, the Cardinals are capable of East Coast victories.

Top-Five Proven Truth's

1. Kurt Warner is still effective at the age of 37: As recent as this offseason, many thought that Kurt Warner's days of being a quality starter were behind him. Eighteen games later he's one win away from the Super Bowl and on his way to another Pro Bowl. If he can manage to squeeze the Cardinals into a Super Bowl berth, it would just further support the case for waiting until after the playoffs to pick an NFL MVP.

2. Larry Fitzgerald has the best hands in the NFL: Week after week this freak of nature shows that he is the most underrated player in the NFL. A leaping catch against the Falcons in double coverage was matched the very next week with an even more spectacular one against the Panthers. While this may be a biased opinion, it should still be considered; Larry Fitzgerald is the best receiver in the National Football League, hands down.

3. The Cardinals' defense is fast, very fast: Known more for their speed than strength, the Cardinals defense is prone to big plays as well as mistakes. Last week they forgot about the mistakes and just stuck with the big plays. Jake Delhomme was intercepted 5 times and fumbled once on his way to the worst performance of his career.

4. Antrel Rolle is a right place, right time kind of guy: One week after a time fumbled recovery for a touchdown changed the game, Rolle found himself the benefactor of a tipped pass. Rolle has a knack for being an opportunistic defender and rarely misses a chance to grab a loose or tipped ball.

5. Defense is the key to winning in January: The Cardinals were expected to flounder during the playoffs because of a lack of defense. They were the Phoenix Suns of the NFL for the majority of the season, all offense but no defense. Luckily they learned from their neighbor's mistakes. If the Cardinals can continue to play a ball hawking, physical style of defense then the Cardinals may just prove the critics wrong all the way to the Super Bowl.

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