Sean Morey Gets Special Attention

Sean Morey caught the attention of the league when he blocked a punt in overtime that Monty Beisel ran in for the game winning touchdown against the Dallas Cowboys in week six. These days the seven-year veteran is just weeks away from his first Pro Bowl and is considered a threat to the Philadelphia Eagles in the NFC Championship game. Find out why.

Special Teams Coordinator Rory Segrest Press Conference

On the Cardinals punt coverage:

"They've done a couple of different things. First of all, they have a different punter now. They have Ben Graham back there punting. He is a very effective punter. He can punt the ball way down the field. He has great leg strength and can get the ball hung up there very well. At the same time, they have also moved some guys around and gotten some more speed on the field. They've moved some guys on their punt team, in terms of [WR Sean] Morey, and just getting guys in a position to get down and cover a little bit faster. They've definitely made some improvement on their punt coverage team. With their punter, it just made them an overall more effective group."

On how dangerous opening kickoffs can be:

"We have to give the Giants a lot of credit on that one [last week]. We did a pretty nice job there on the front side of the kick, fitting it up on the wedge and things there. They did a nice job of walling us off on the back side. We were basically playing with half of our coverage team.

Sean Morey

We got single blocked on the back side. We have to make sure we're winning those individual battles. We can't get walled off; we have to be getting hats to the ball. Again, on the first kickoff of the game, we have to make sure we're solid and we're getting down there and getting it covered. I thought our guys responded nicely by coming back the next five kicks. We held them to 23 yards per return after that point. Again, we can't give up that kind of return to start the game. At the same time, Dave did a really nice job. You have to give him a lot of credit for getting [Giants RB Ahmad] Bradshaw out of bounds, as well."

On what makes Morey a good special teams player:

"I think experience has something to do with it. He understands how to play the game. He ends up at the right spot at the right time, he has great speed, he's a high motor player. He's always finishing around the ball and has that sense of urgency, every time he's on the field, to make sure that he is competing and getting the job done. He is definitely going to present a challenge for us, both in terms of coverage phases and return phases."

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