Arizona Cardinals' Deuce Lutui Opens Up

Cardinals Guard Deuce Lutui's first postseason is well underway, and he has a lot to say about it. Lutui talks O-Line, Matt Leinart, Levi Brown and the media.

On how difficult it has been for second-year OT, and former first-round pick, Levi Brown to step in:

"It is good to silence his critics. I think he is only getting better. I could tell throughout the year, there were articles breaking him down about moving to the right side, it is good to see him come up from that and just play his role that we need him to do. With the help of Russ Grimm and this offensive coaching staff, it has really shaped in another way."

On if the expectations and criticism of Levi Brown is fair:

"For someone who was drafted so high, we knew that (position) was a huge need. So he was coming into something we were rebuilding. It was kind of unfair what he got, thrown in with the sharks and seeing what he would do with that. He has really stepped forward."

On Levi Brown:

"He is great. He is optimistic about this season. It is an honor to play right next to him because of how athletic he is, he can make up for some of my mistakes. He is a really good guy."

On how hard it is to play offensive line in the NFL:

"It is so hard. It is so hard to block. It is rewarding when you do your job, and seeing Kurt (Warner) throw for however many yards, and Edgerrin (James) and (Tim) Hightower run for however many yards; it is a plus for us."

On how former USC and current teammate Matt Leinart is adapting to not having his usual spotlight:

"I just think it is a perfect learning stage for him right now, taking notes and stuff that he needs to do. He is always constantly working. He is not regressing; he is just behind a two-time MVP. He is very educated in this scheme and things. This is a great learning time for him as much as his name is not thrown out there in the spotlight. It is definitely a learning opportunity for him to just gather what he could learn for this time. When we need him, he will be ready."

On the worry of losing a starting job:

"I think we all go through that. I have been in that situation where my spot was in jeopardy. I think coach Ken Whisenhunt, whether you may like it or not, is a great coach and how he gets you to be a better player. He has definitely done that for me personally, where I was kind of behind the back burner. He has allowed me to step up my game. Through his technique and his teaching tools, it has really helped me develop into the player I am now and maintain my spot."

On how different the two teams are from Thanksgiving when they first played: "Thanksgiving Day, turkey, gobble, gobble. It is a big turkey day. Now it is to a point where there are no second chances. You hardly get second chances in this league, so it is a good opportunity for us to maximize our opportunities to play this Sunday."

On if the team is still building off the media's negativity towards them:

"I think it really helped us, pushed our backs up against the wall, as far as appreciation of our team and coaching staff. A big credit to the guys in the locker room. Our faith, our 53-man faith, has allowed us to get this far. I think everybody here understand that our journey is not through yet. There is a gig game this Sunday. I think we have tunnel-vision to that. It is hard not to think about the big Super Bowl. If we win, we are in. I can't tell you and say that… it's hard not to think about it. I think everybody in here throughout the week has focused and tuned into what is going on this weekend. Basically, I have never heard anybody say ‘oh man, if we do this, we are in.' It is this weekend that this team is optimistic for, and we will be ready."

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