Cardinals: All Content on the Desert Front?

It's no secret that Anquan Boldin is unhappy with his contract situation, but since week one he's never breathed a word about trades, demands, dollar signs or anything else to the media. Boldin has been an integral part of the Cardinals success, one-half of the dynamic duo, so what had Boldin so heated on the sidelines of the biggest game of his career? delves into the situation.

The NFC Championship game was all Larry Fitzgerald. Nine passes for 152 yards put Fitzgerald in the record books and the Cardinals in the Super Bowl.

His counterpart, Anquan Boldin, saw four receptions for 34 yards. The altercation with offensive coordinator Todd Haley didn't have to do with getting the ball in four quarters. Boldin was upset that he wasn't getting an explanation for why he wasn't on the field for what was the game-winning drive.

The exchange with Haley didn't look good. To add insult to injury, Boldin didn't participate in post-game celebrations. Critics are calling foul.

But Haley is the first to admit he wears his heart on his sleeve, and they were both caught up in the emotions of the game. The game was on the line, which was all the more reason Boldin wanted in.

Kurt Warner finds himself in similar arguments.

"I don't make anything of it," Warner said. "My wife tells me every week, ‘What in the world were you and Todd yelling about this week?' so it happens. During the course of things, sometimes you see things differently, sometimes coaches will say something that they don't really know what happened on the field, or you have a different perspective, that stuff happens. I don't know what the scenario was, obviously late in the game we understand [Anquan Boldin] is a competitor and he wants to be in there helping us win because he was such a big part of what we were doing.

WR Anquan Boldin

"I don't know what transpired there but I know that Todd and I have argued most of the games this year. You just see things differently sometimes on the field in the heat of battle. As a player sometimes you want something and as a coach you see things from a different perspective and your competitive juices just fire and you let it go. I've had it happen with Todd a number of times this year and after the game we're talking and we're texting and we're just saying ‘hey, it is what it is' we still are going to go to battle and we're still going to compete and we're still going to appreciate one another. But sometimes as competitors you get into some of those things."

From what Ken Whisenhunt understands the situation is over with. But Whisenhunt has bigger things to think about than whether Boldin was wearing a NFC Championship shirt post-game or not.

"That's not for me to regret," Whisenhunt said. "I think everybody has ways of dealing with success or being happy. I can't speak for Anquan on that."

Warner's on the case.

"I talk to him after the game, I texted him after the game too," Warner said. "I don't think there's any issue there but obviously if I think there is then we'll definitely look into it. But I don't foresee anything being a problem."

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