Arizona Cardinals Barking Up Right Tree?

The Cardinals surge in the desert is impressive by even modest standards, but the Cardinals are the clear underdogs heading into the Super Bowl. Find out what many Cardinals players and Ken Whisenhunt think about the label and why most agree they belong in the final two.

On being underdogs…

Head Coach Ken Whisenhunt

"I think that it is not a surprise that we would be an underdog. This is a very good football team that we are going against; one that a number of the members of this organization are familiar with. I think that is going to continue. The same way we have been working. The same way we have been focusing. Obviously, there is not going to be a lot of people singing our praises. That will hopefully keep us focused."

DT Bryan Robinson

"It is for all the marbles right now. We are going to the Super Bowl. I said it last week; it has a real nice ring to it. It doesn't matter. At this stage, I think that everybody is aware of the Arizona Cardinals. We will see how much farther—get some mileage out of this underdog thing. It is for everything. It doesn't matter if we are 20-point underdogs. We are going to hype it up so that we are 20-point underdogs. As long as we can get the negative vibes from the outside, it makes us real good."

LB Gerald Hayes

"I had a brother of mine say that somebody had a sign up saying, ‘We are going to laugh our way as underdogs all the way to a championship.' Don't quote me on that. But we are going to laugh our way as underdogs to the championship. Just take it as that, just go in there and do what we do best."

DT Darnell Dockett

"You still have to go out and put your shoulder pads on and play 60 minutes. You can have your predictions and all of that, but you still have to come and play football. You can believe all that hype all you want and be full of yourself. We've been the underdog team and we like not getting a lot of hype -- we enjoy not being on TV and talking about the next team. I hope whoever we play in the Super Bowl, I hope they don't show any highlights of the Cardinals. That's cool. I'm happy with that. Because if you get full of yourself and then when you actually come out to play, you're like, 'man, this isn't the same (Cardinals) team as on film.' And that's cool and that's how you play. You play with a chip on your shoulder in this game. If you're playing football and you're not able to play with a chip on your shoulder, you need to retire and give this game up, because this is all ego. This is a man's game, pretty much."

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