Morey Sees Many Cards-Steelers Similarities

Pro Bowl bound Special Teamer Sean Morey has a job to do in Tampa. From preparing for his old team, who he expects to be a big challenge, to sharing what he knows about the Pittsburgh Steelers, Morey is keeping busy.

On how special teams players approach the Super Bowl:

"I think everyone has a job to do – you have to be accountable and approach it as you would any other week: understand your opponent, try to understand their tendencies, their strengths and what they like to do and their personnel. Pittsburgh is a very physical and tough team. They're going to hit you in the mouth, they're going to play physical, play to the whistle and maybe even a little more. They're a very good team, they play well together and it's going to be a big challenge for us on special teams. For me, as a special teams guy, I'm going to make sure I'm prepared to do my job."

On being familiar with Pittsburgh's special teams:

"They have a lot of new personnel and new faces and guys that do a really good job for them. It's been two years since I've been there and there has been some turnover and I think they're a very solid core special teams unit and they do a really good job."

On similarities between the Steelers and Cardinals:

"I think the identity of the Pittsburgh Steelers over the past few decades has been sort of blue collar, smash-mouth, hit-you-in-the-mouth and a really tough, physical, disciplined and smart-situational football team. They're well coached and I think the identity of the Arizona Cardinals is following suit.

I think the mentality and approach that (Head) Coach Ken Whisenhunt and (Assistant Head Coach and Offensive Line Coach) Russ Grimm have contributed to that, but I think there's also a lineage of coaches that have come from Bill Parcells that have coached with similar styles of football. I think our staff has done an amazing job of changing the culture here and I think our team has really risen to adopt that mentality and approach. Guys have been working really hard, paying attention to detail and preparing. I think it's very similar, to be quite honest."

On every part of the team becoming more physical:

"Even in that sense our O-line and our backs have picked up the physical-ness, the possession receivers are physical and so I think that has followed suit as well."

On the team not getting any respect:

"I don't really think anybody in that locker room cares one way or another. They might hype it up and some guys might have a chip on their shoulders. You have to understand that this league is comprised of highly competitive people in every game. Any time you get called out, guys are going to do their job and be physical and do all the things that analysts or whoever say they can't, like stopping the run. I think that our team has answered the call for a lot of those criticisms – we've shown every team that we can do the things people didn't think we could do and that's playing smart, situational football, being aggressive, being tough against the run and being a complete team.

I think a lot of players have held each other accountable and taken it upon ourselves to work together in practice and play hard on Sunday."

On making every play count:

"You don't know what plays are going to impact the game and the number of reps that special teams get are limited, so you have to go out and think every play could possibly impact the outcome of the game. Every single time you step onto the field, you understand your reps are limited and you have to do everything you can to make an impact."

On Larry Fitzgerald:

"I think it's pretty obvious – his athletic ability – you can't deny how good of an athlete he is as a physical and tough receiver, but also his leaping ability and his ability to track the ball. I'm not sure I've ever played with anyone who can catch the deep ball as well as Fitz. As a teammate, I think he brings a level of focus and he's very driven to be the best. The way he works on the practice field shows an example for a lot of young players. I think he's just one of those special players who really desires to be the best at his position. He's very driven and one of the most focused players I've played with. As a player, he reminds – his preparation and focus reminds me a lot of – Troy Polamalu."

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