Arizona Cardinals Have the Golden Tickets

The media frenzy is well underway for the Arizona Cardinals. But Ken Whisenhunt is finding ways to quiet the storm.

Ken Whisenhunt dished out Super Bowl tickets to his players on Saturday. He advised players to hand them over, so they don't have to be the ones to say no to family and friends. All in all, it's just one more distraction that Whisenhunt is trying to minimize.

Wide Receiver Sean Morey liked the idea.

"I think it helps limit distractions," Morey said. "You get the chance to get the tickets in your hand and distribute them appropriately to your family and friends that are going to the game. You can kind of pawn it off on your wife or significant other to handle that business. So it will give us a chance to move past that so the second we get on the plane and leave, then we're 100 percent focused."

Prior to touch down in Tampa, for many players the tangible Super Bowl item made it all seem real.

"Today is the first day it kind of sets in," Center Lyle Sendlein said on Saturday. "I've never even seen a Super Bowl ticket, and now here I am holding 15 of them. So it's pretty amazing."

One more distraction Whisenhunt is squashing is the nightlife of Tampa. Whisenhunt won't say what time the Cardinals curfew is this week, but one can bet it's early.

Last week's practices were focused. Morey says the Cardinals practiced fast and physical last week, and everyone put in the work.

Now in Tampa, the excitement of the Super Bowl experience is at an all-time high. The Cardinals will need to keep up the business-like approach of last week in Arizona.

Super Saying

"I have my cameras ready," Karlos Dansby said. "When you are all filming me, I will be filming you also. It is an exciting moment in our lives and we are just trying to take advantage of this opportunity."

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