Cardinals Chat With Hard-Nose Guard

The Arizona Cardinals' offensive line managed to allow Kurt Warner to pull some crazy numbers last year, but there is little depth if any players get bit by the injury bug. The Cardinals scouts were on a mission at the Senior Bowl and came home with some good names. Like this bruiser who interviewed with Arizona. caught up with him too.

The Arizona Cardinals met with offensive lineman Trevor Canfield out of Cincinnati at the Senior Bowl. Canfield could go as high as the second round in this year's draft.

Canfield is use to high-yardage type offenses as he assisted Cincinnati to an average of 375 total yards in games during his senior year.

Canfield can play both left and right guard. He switched from the right side to the left guard position halfway through Cincinnati's Big East Conference schedule his junior year.

He's an awfully confident player who always aims high. His personality and work ethic makes it easy to see that he'll do whatever he can to improve his draft stock.

Canfield's philosophy over the next few months is to prove his skill set over and over. He said he'll give scouts the works, and he'll work on everything like he sucks at it.

"Just showing them why they should have me on their team," Canfield said. "Show my aggressiveness and my hard-nose hitting."

He was a bit rusty in the first few days of practice at the Senior Bowl. He hadn't had pads on in a number of weeks, but he picked up the basics of the Bengals' offense.

The Bengals took over coaching duties for the North team. Canfield found the small version of the Bengals playbook to be one-way offense.

They put some runs and passes in there, basically one way stuff.

The Bengals liked what they saw. Canfield works hard, works out hard and plans to not lose a step.

"I've met with a lot of teams. Miami, the Broncos," Canfield said. "The two that stood out to me were the Broncos and Cleveland. They recognize my style of play, from what I felt they liked me a lot."

Arizona got in the action as well.

"I talked with the Cardinals," Canfield said.

So what would the Cardinals get out of Canfield?

"Physical, aggressive, hard-nose player," Canfield said.

The Ohio born player also adds leadership to a roster.

On the field, he can support the run. A lot more running was incorporated later in his career.

His biggest college memory is, as a junior, his team won 10 games.

Canfield's lifelong dream is to one day get to the NFL.

"Bust your butt, one step better every day…."

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