Larry Fitzgerald Named Pro Bowl MVP

Larry Fitzgerald represented the Arizona Cardinals well at the 2009 Pro Bowl. He nabbed two touchdown receptions and the MVP title. The rest of his travel companions didn't fare as well, but were still a big part of the storyline.

Larry Fitzgerald brings home a pair of touchdown receptions and the MVP title after competing at the 2009 Pro Bowl. He earned a second-best 81 yards (Steve Smith nabbed 89 yards).

Anquan Boldin grabbed two receptions for a third-best 27 yards.

On a late third and goal situation NFC Coach Andy Reid reminded Eli Manning.

"You got Larry here and Anquan."

As if Manning needed the reminder. He sent a 2-yard pass to Fitzgerald for a 24-21 lead.

The NFC felt the advantage of the Fitzgerald and Boldin duo. The Cardinals are unsure if they will be able to capitalize again next year.

Tiki Barber pulled sideline detail at the Pro Bowl and questioned Boldin about his intentions.

Boldin summed up the situation with the Cardinals' front office. Boldin loves the players he plays with and the fans in Arizona, but he doesn't know whether the relationship between him and the organization is repairable.

He is cautious to say what it will take to keep him in Arizona.

Fitzgerald can't imagine Boldin anywhere else. The two are great friends and even better teammates.

"He makes my life a lot easier and vice versa," Fitzgerald said.

Warner's name was also in the mix of possible departures. All-mighty John Madden says Warner isn't going anywhere.

Adrian Wilson was also in Hawaii. He wrapped up a tackle.

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