Q&A Exclusive: Part I With Clint Sintim

Virginia linebacker Clint Sintim could fit the bill as the best available player when the Cardinals are on the board at No. 31. He thrives in a 3-4, which is one reasons he is gaining popularity to end up in Cardinal red. The only real question is: "Can the Cardinals forgive Sintim for rooting for the Steelers in the Super Bowl?" Here is part I of an exclusive two-part series with the linebacker.

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On going against top lineman

It's exciting. I think everybody who's come out here is a competitor and I just really embrace the opportunity to play against a guy who is ranked nationally and is a competitor as well. So I take it as a challenge to against some of these guys and really put my best foot forward and really try to accomplish something. Today I had the opportunity to rush the passer a little bit more and do something against some top rated guys. That really helped me out a lot.

On being a 3-4 outside linebacker

I wouldn't go so far as to say that I am, in college I was a 3-4 outside linebacker, right now I'm just looking for a job.

On the transition to NFL

That's one of the great things about playing at Virginia, with Coach Growe, the 3-4 allowed me too do a lot of different things that normal linebackers and other players in college didn't do. Coach Growe comes from a heavy NFL background understands the 3-4 defense and really trained us up in it pretty well. That's something that I did at Virginia and gave me an opportunity to stack the tight end, rush the passer, play out on the slide, a number of different things that linebackers and defensive ends do as well. I think that it just put me a step ahead of other people but at the same time, it's still a learning process, I am trying to figure out other parts of the defense as well.

On NFL players he molds himself after

A favorite player of mine is Joey Porter. You really have to appreciate the way he plays the game of football. Every time he steps out on the field, he has a certain swagger to himself. He's almost untouchable; that's the way he comes out onto the field and that's the kind of image he gives off. I like to try to play with that same swagger. You come out on the field, you're a competitor, you step out there between the white lines, and you want to feel as though you're the best player out there. That's the approach I try to take when I come into the game.

Joey Porter is my favorite player on the field. His off the field things are a little different than mine; the way he does it is a little different than I do.

On his greatest strength as a pass rusher

I think I am a solid pass rusher. I think I use my hands pretty efficiently and I am able to swat down the tackle's hands and I kind of bend that corner a little bit. I am not a Dwight Freeney coming off the edge. I am not extremely fast, but at the same time I do have a solid burst coming off there and I just try to make things happen out there. Its' a great opportunity to come out there and rush the passer, obviously everybody knows that's where you make a lot of money, so I am just coming out here trying to showcase my ability and hopefully try to open up some eyes.

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