Q&A Exclusive: Part II With Clint Sintim

Clint Sintim played in a pro football style defense at Virginia. He played under the direction of Al Groh who marks Bill Parcells as one of his mentors. Todd Haley's influence from Parcells still runs deep in the Cardinals. From the Cardinals' 3-4, to Parcells, to Sintim's overall skills, he could be a perfect fit for the Cardinals. Here is Part II of an exclusive Q&A with Sintim.

On goals for Senior Bowl week

Clint Sintim: This is a great opportunity. There are a lot of great players down here. I am just trying to come out here and compete. And let all these scouts know that I am one of the better players out here and that I can make an impact on any NFL team.

On what he wants to show scouts

CS: Just my overall ability. My competitiveness, my game and the amount of passion that I play the game with and that I am a good player. At the system we played in Virginia allowed me to do a lot of different things and this is the perfect opportunity to come out here and showcase some of that.

On how much he thinks he can improve in one week under the direction of NFL coaches

CS: Hopefully a lot. I was fortunate enough to be coached by Coach Al Groh. He is one of the better linebacker coaches to ever coach the game. To have the opportunity to coach with some of the guys who are in the NFL right now is really just a blessing. I just plan on taking everything they give me and benefit from it and try to learn from it and make myself a better player.

On any current NFL players he looks up to or tries to model his game after

CS: I try to model myself after Joey Porter, the way he plays football with a lot of passion. The way he plays a 3-4 outside linebacker, he runs to the ball, he is aggressive and he just steps out onto the field every time he is in the mode that he is one of the best players out there. And I want to have that same type of drive and consistency.

On the teams he met with at the Senior Bowl

CS: Jets, Miami, Saints and Cowboys. I've met with a number of different teams. They are trying to get an insight of what kind of player you're dealing with, so I am just meeting with teams left and right.

The Cardinals run a 3-4, have you had the opportunity to meet with them?

CS: I haven't yet, but I would not be surprised if by the time is over that I would have an opportunity to meet with them.

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