NFL Combine: TE Sits Down With Kitchens

Arizona would like to upgrade the tight end position. Stephen Spach is a capable starter, but he ended the season injured. Ben Patrick could develop nicely, but Leonard Pope might be a lost cause. Arizona saw that tight ends could be the X-factor in the playoffs. TE Coach Freddie Kitchens had a formal meeting with a prospect whose mentor is Titans TE Alge Crumpler. Erin Murphy has the exclusive.

Erin Murphy: What have you thought of the whole process?

Tight end Richard Quinn out of North Carolina: It's been great, mind-blowing, exciting all the things that have been going on interviews, medical process, its been great.

EM: Is there anything that's been unexpected?

RQ: I didn't know we were going to see so many doctors in each room. I think there were like 8 or 10 doctors we had to see to make sure we were healthy that was different but everything else has just been great.

EM: Is there an NFL player that you look up to or model your game after?

RQ: Alge Crumpler. He is definitely a hard nose guy and a tough player. I know him personally too, so he gives me a lot of words of encouragement. I definitely look up to him a lot.

EM: Has he given you any advice?

RQ: Just to keep focused it's a timely process but to just keep going.

EM: Have you spoken with the Cardinals?

RQ: Yes, a formal meeting with their tight end coach (Freddie Kitchens).

Alge Crumpler

EM: What do you bring to a team?

RQ: Hard work. Whatever team I get drafted to I am willing to do whatever the coaches ask me to do.

EM: How do you feel about your blocking?

RQ: Great, I definitely feel great about that. I've been working on my technique and just trying to be the best I can at that.

EM: What about special teams?

RQ: In College I did specialties but anything they ask me to do I will get it done.

EM: What did you measure in at?

RQ: 6'3, 264 pounds

EM: What is the most important thing for you here?

RQ: Go hard and show them everything I can do. Impress people.

EM: What kind of training have you done to get ready for this?

RQ: Velocity sports working on all aspects of the combine bench press, cones, things like that. I feel that I definitely got great preparation.

EM: What will you be doing between now and April?

RQ: Just working out, just maintaining and getting ready for the draft to come around. At school, University of North Carolina.

EM: When is your Pro Day

RQ: March 18

EM: Do you feel that Antonio Gates redefined the tight end position?

RQ: They are just freaks. They are athletes man. You watch them and they are always on their feet. Good receivers and good blockers, their game is all around.

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