D-Lineman "Encouraged" By Chat with Cardinals

The Cardinals defensive line coach met with a defensive line prospect at the NFL Scouting Combine. The soon-to-be rookie was really encouraged by the exchange. He said the conversation was great. The two spoke about schemes, the plays the Cardinals use and what the player is use to. Here's an exclusive Q&A with the player.

Quote to Note: "I would play for the Cardinals," Georgia Defensive Lineman Corvey Irvin said. "I told them I would be willing to play anywhere and asked him how I can help the Cardinals win."

What's the process been like for you?

Corvey Irvin The whole process has been great you know. I'm kind of familiar with all the interviews because I went to the Senior Bowl, so I kind of knew what to expect coming in. It's a good opportunity to be here and I am just trying to embrace the moment.

What did you measure in at?

CI 6'3, 301 pounds

Do you think of it as an accomplishment that you were a transfer and still a captian?

CI You know I take a lot of pride in it because when I first went there you know no one really knew me so I had to make myself a household name. I dedicated my junior and senior year at Georgia to be the best that I could be. I dedicated my screen leading up to my senior year and I worked hard at it. I stayed devoted myself to Georgia and they made me defensive captain of the whole team. I made a name for myself out at Georgia, Georgia got me to this point to the combine and the Senior Bowl so it helped me out a lot. What are your expectations at the combine?

CI My expectations are just to show everyone that I belong here too. You know I come from a small junior college so I want to show everyone that I can compete with the best.

Is there a NFL player you look up to?

CI Not really you know some of the old guys like Reggie White, Chuck Smith. But you know it's a new generation and I kind of want to make a name for myself. I want to be so great that someone ten years later another guy is up here saying my name and he resembles his play after mine. So no there is no one I look up to or resemble my play after.

What kind of person are you?

CI Me as a person, you know I'm a very humble person. I like to smile a lot. I work hard. I have a great work ethic. You know if you work hard everyday that carries over into the field and that will get you a long way, ya know. When other guys wanted to give up, I was the guy to keep pushing and told them not worry about but just work hard.

On playing in NFL…

CI I just want a shot, a chance, that's all I'm looking for.

What is it like in practice to hit Knowshon Moreno (RB)?

CI We aren't allowed to hit Knowshon. I really never touched him. You know I really don't want to hit him, so I never really tackled Knowshon.

Are you at a good playing weight?

CI Yeah it's a good playing weight, you know Ive been working in the offseason lifting and eating right, so I have picked up some pounds. I still wasn't moving.

Where have you seen the weight?

CI Upperbody. In my arms and my chest.

What's your family background?

CI I'm from a small town in Augusta Georgia. I grew up with grandmother who raised me my whole life. I have a close relationship with my mother and my father too. My mother works at the OBGYN clinic and my father is a construction worker in Augusta. I have two brothers and three sisters. I have a great relationship with those.

You know I'm just from a small close knit family. We always care about helping one another. And you know my family is so proud of me right now and I just want to show them that I love them. And I am just trying to better myself so I can help my family out.

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