Whisenhunt Sheds Light on TE Position

The Arizona Cardinals played "Musical Tight Ends" last year, courtesy of the injury bug. Ken Whisenhunt talked about the situation at the NFL Scouting Combine…

The Cardinals met with just a few of the tight ends at the NFL Scouting Combine, but Ken Whisenhunt said they were an impressive group. And from what he's heard. those in the know agree.

Whether or not Whisenhunt views the position differently, having played it, depends on who you ask. Whisenhunt joked that people think it helps, only if they thought he was a good tight end.

"I think it always helps if you've played the position, in terms of what you're looking for and what you felt was important, and from the standpoint of our offense, what I think is important for a tight end to do," Whisenhunt said.

The main objective for the Cardinals moving forward is to find some stability at the position.

"I'm not discouraged by the tight ends we have on our roster by any means," Whisenhunt said. "Those guys fought through some injuries and worked hard, and I think we have some talent there. But just like at every position, you're always looking to improve and if there's a good young player out there that we have a chance to get, then definitely that's something we'll consider."

Stephen Spach was a capable starter, but he ended the season injured. Ben Patrick and Leonard Pope struggled to stay healthy all season.

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