Kurt Warner's Return Is Not so Grave

Rod Graves is encouraged by the fact that if Kurt Warner wants to be anywhere next year it's Arizona . There isn't a deal in place, but the two camps continue to talk. Graves explains more on why the Cardinals are looking forward to getting a deal done with Warner sooner rather than later.

Rod Graves said that franchising Kurt Warner was not an option. He said that the Cardinals made a choice how they would use their tag.

"We felt like, given the circumstances it was better applied to Karlos Dansby and we would make our best effort to get Kurt Warner signed," Graves said."

Graves doesn't want to characterize negotiations with Warner as good or bad, but they continue to talk. Graves is optimistic that eventually they will get something done.

Ken Whisenhunt isn't as candid. Whisenhunt tells the tale that Warner is still reflecting on where or not to retire.

"Kurt and I have talked quite regularly over the period and all I can tell is what Kurt said to me, that he's going through a process," Whisenhunt said. "And I haven't tried to rush him because I think Kurt is going to make his decision when he's ready. Just in our conversations about where we're going this year and changes that we've made, it's all been positive."

Kurt Warner; Adrian Peterson

Either way, Graves would like to get the deal done before free agency starts, but the Cardinals aren't overly concerned with the thought.

Graves doesn't think that Warner is working out in Tampa at the moment.

"Like a lot of our players he is taking time off," Graves said. "We are not that far removed from the Super Bowl. We have a few players working out, but I don't believe Kurt has decided to do that quite yet."

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