Will Cardinals Eye Prolific College Passer?

As Kurt Warner enters free agency, the Cardinals currently have only one quarterback under contract. Arizona would be wise to secure a young signal caller in this year's draft. AZRedReport.com caught up with one potential candidate, Graham Harrell of Texas Tech, in an exclusive interview. How would Harrell enhance the Cardinals' depth at quarterback? Tyson Qualls explains.

Texas Tech hasn't always been known as a football school. In fact, up until the recent surge led by Michael Crabtree and Graham Harrell, the most popular figure on campus has been Bobby Knight. Harrell is attempting to bring recognition to the Red Raiders program and the Cardinals could allow him to accomplish that goal. With his reception of the Johnny United Golden Arm Award in 2008, he‘s already well on his way.

Harrell possesses adequate size (6'3", 205 pounds) but will need to add bulk if he is going to be successful at the pro level. As the main benefactor of having Crabtree on his team, he should have no problem transition to the likes of Anquan Boldin and Larry Fitzgerald. Harrell has also benefited from starting three years in the Big 12 Conference. His big-game experience should allow for a smooth transition into the NFL.

Harrell's ability to call his own game could be a blessing or a curse for the Cardinals. If he attempts to take over before he truly understands the pro game, it could lead to bad decisions. Once he reaches the NFL, hopefully he realizes the expectations aren't what they were in college. Harrell described the freedom given to him by Texas Tech coach Mike Leach during this interview with AZRedReport.com.

"He gave me complete freedom. He said you can shake any play you want from goal line to goal line, which means if you're backed up on the one you can call whatever play you want. His deal was whatever I say is a suggestion and if you don't like it you can call whatever play you want."

The Cardinals' aggressive offensive attack will definitely be a familiar tool for Harrell. During his tenure in Lubbock, he routinely used the freedom given to him. When asked about his ability to work with the spread Harrell didn't hold back his confidence.

"I have as much experience as anyone in the country because we played in the spread a lot at Texas Tech. Like I said, coaches prepared us for the NFL more than people realize."

Harrell will need to utilize all of his experience in order to keep up at the next level. His incredible college statistics point towards that not being an issue. He racked up 93 touchdowns compared to only 23 interceptions in his final two collegiate seasons. Harrell's ability to find the end zone would provide Arizona with another viable backup option if Kurt Warner or Brian St. Pierre doesn't return.

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