Draft Watch: Cardinals Question Tight End

Stephan Spach was the "bright light" in a year full of darkness at the tight end position. But he caught the unit's bad luck. He missed the NFC title game, Super Sunday and more time is expected to be lost. The Cardinals need help. They spoke with a second-day tight end at the combine. AZRedReport.com interviewed the tight end about his switch from quarterback to tight end, what he can offer, etc.

East Carolina TE Davon Drew didn't make the switch from quarterback to tight end until the end of his second year in college. He wasn't getting much playing time as a signal caller, and his coaches approached him about the possibility of changing positions.

Drew was reluctant at first.

But he put on about 45 pounds, suddenly looked around and realized he could have the option of going pro.

It took him awhile to mentally make the change, sitting at the combine a few years later, he is stoked the change was made.

"If I would have stayed in my other position, there wouldn't be a future like this," Drew said. "I am excited."

At the combine, Drew knew he needed to maintain his focus and go out there and show why he earned the combine invite.

"And not try to outdo myself by trying to be a hero or something," Drew said. "[I need] to just show up and show what I am capable of doing."

Drew's 40-yard dash time came in the bottom five for tight ends, 4.82. But he was faster than renowned Brandon Pettigrew, 4.83 (hey it's something).

Drew came in last in bench press (17), second to last in vertical jump and the list goes on.

Drew displays surprising agility and could grow in the right system. However, the Cardinals, who held an informal meeting with Drew, need more blocking than Drew might be able to give. But Drew boasts capable hands, which could be utilized by Arizona.

Here's more of the interview with Drew:

Davon Drew

How has the whole process been going?

This is a learning process, but it's nothing different from the high school camps and trying to get recruited by the colleges. It's the same thing basically, but it's at a professional level now. Most of us here are trying to showcase our talents and see where it takes us.

Did you ever imagine you'd be in the combine process?

You always want to see yourself being able to do something at the next level. I can say that I honestly saw myself in this situation.

What's the most off-the-wall thing you've had to go through at the combine or off-the wall questions?

No, I haven't had any off-the-wall questions but there was one question who just asked me one question and that's all he wanted to know because everyone else was talking for like 10-15 minutes. That's probably the weirdest thing but other than that, no.

What will you bring to the team that drafts you?

I feel like with my athleticism, I can show up and make plays. Besides football related things, I have good character. I am just excited about the situation, and I am ready to get it finalized, so to say.

What's the first thing you are going to do if you get drafted?

I'd probably just relax and chill and have a day to myself to get all the weight off my chest.

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