Cardinals Meets with Lunch-Pail Watkins

Florida OT Jason Watkins describes himself as a lunch-pail guy. He goes out there and works hard every day. That's it. There's a bit more to Watkins than that though. Check out what else he has to offer, and why the Cardinals were intrigued.

Florida's OT Jason Watkins (6'6", 318) is ready to prove cynics wrong. He's ready for the next level.

"I guess they say from the offense we run at Florida it's hard to judge us… and they put us as inconsistent," Watkins said. "I just showed I could do it [at the Senior Bowl]. I thought I prove my point."

Watkins said people look at Florida's offense and really don't understand it.

"That's where they get the judgment that we're inconsistent when really we're getting the job done."

Watkins has been working on his foot-speed, getting another step in his kick on pass protection. On his run block, he is working on his second step, getting in it faster, so he can have more power.

Watkins is projected to be drafted anywhere from the fourth round to the seventh round. The Cardinals would like to see him sweat a little bit and get him at a bargain late in the draft.

"Sometimes I do [feel like I've been overlooked among a group of high-profile Gators players]. I just have to take the negativity and turn it into something positive, so that's why I say to myself to go out there and give it my all every day to show I can do it."

Arizona scouts had a formal meeting with Watkins at the NFL Scouting Combine.

Watkins describes himself as a "lunch pail guy."

"I got out and work hard every day," Watkins said. "That's it."

Watkins worked hard to make up for lost time in high school. He didn't start playing football until his junior year. Watkins caught up quick. He ranked very high in top tackle prospects coming out of high school.

Today, Watkins hopes to prove he has the mentality of a winner and show he knows how to get it done.

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