Kurt Warner Signed, What's In it for Leinart?

While discussion of Jay Cutler's situation in Denver has dominated the headlines, numerous other quarterback scenarios are being played out around the league. Including Matt Leinart's.

*In Arizona, quarterback Kurt Warner recently underwent hip surgery and after Warner signed a new, two-year contract, Matt Leinart remains the backup.

Said a joking Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt, "I think Kurt's ready to hand the ball off and do a lot of play-action now instead of really throwing the football."

Whisenhunt got serious and added, "Kurt's doing well. He's excited about having this done and being able to play pain free. He felt like he could have still played with what he was playing with, but this is a situation where it will only make things better."

As for Leinart, Whisenhunt said, "My discussions with Matt, especially since we've re-signed Kurt, have been very positive, very mature. Matt expressed to me how much he learned this past season and how much he improved. I think it's unrealistic to think one quarterback in this league is going to last a whole year. In my discussions with Matt, we've talked about that.

"I believe that having played with Kurt last year and having seen Kurt play at the level he did, certainly helped Matt learn what it takes to be successful in this league."

*Eagles coach Andy Reid responded to speculation that quarterback Donovan McNabb might be a no-show for the team's offseason work and minicamp by saying, "We talk all the time. That (not showing up) isn't going to happen."

Eric Mangini

McNabb has previously said he wants a contract extension and also wants to feel comfortable about the direction the team is headed. While little has been reported recently, Reid said simply, "We sure like Donovan, obviously. We understand that from a player's standpoint, he's the face of the Philadelphia Eagles. We want to keep him at that position."

*New Browns coach Eric Mangini said the current plan is for Brady Quinn and Derek Anderson to compete for the starting job.

"I don't have a projected starter at this point," Mangini said. "What we're going to do is we'll have an open competition where they'll both get a chance to establish that they'll be the starter. I've been through this before in New York. I think that competition was fair. I think it was thorough. And at the time it was very clear to me who the starter should be. I anticipate it being the same way.

"I'm excited about both of them. I sat down with both of them (and have) been able to spend some time with them. They've been spending time with (offensive coordinator) Brian Daboll, (quarterbacks coach) Carl Smith learning the system. I like both guys. I like a lot of the things that I've learned about them through conversations and also things that I've seen on tape."

When asked if Anderson's belief that the fans favor Quinn would have any bearing on the final decision, Mangini said, "What's most important to me is who can help us win. I think if anybody is helping move the team forward then people will rally around him and there will be a positive response."

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