AZ Cardinals Show Strong Interest in Fullback's Jon Scott shares an interesting fact about a fullback who has garnered strong interest from the Cardinals. Word on the network travels fast and this tidbit of information is no different. pried a bit further to bring you this exclusive.

The Cardinals were one of (about eight) teams mentioned as showing "strong interest" in Syracuse FB Tony Fiammetta. He has only worked out for the Patriots with no visits to any other teams.

But he's waiting for individual workouts with anyone who is interested. Fiammetti is in a waiting period right now. He's finished the Senior Bowl, Combine and his Pro Day. Fiammetti is at home in Maryland and just staying in shape.

There was lots of buzz around Fiammetti that stemmed from the Senior Bowl.

"The scouts and the coaches said they just liked my versatility," Fiammetti said. "Most fullbacks can block or catch or run, but not all at once. They told me that they thought I could do all those things, it makes me pretty appealing to NFL coaches and scouts."

Syracuse isn't the NFL factory that some other schools are, but Fiammetti is confident that teams are attracted to talent regardless of talent.

Tony Fiammetta

The whole draft process is a lot more thorough than he expected. In Fiammetti's senior year, he thought he'd attend the Combine, get evaluated and be on his merry way.

Now, he can really see the business side of the game. Fiammetti also thought he'd never see "would you rather be a cat or dog?" on any NFL entrance exam. He answered cat, and he hopes it's the right answer. His strategy was that cats are more independent.

Fiammetti is a bit more hands on than many draftees.

He's always looking at team's depth charts and looking at the possibilities.

"There are certain teams that just don't need a fullback and luring those out in my mind kind of helps me cope with being nervous about the possibilities that the draft offers. There are so many teams out there that you kind of want to know and kind of have a good idea about where you are going to end up."

Fiammetti understands the craziness of draft weekend. He says one pick in the second round can affect the sixth round.

He is projected in the fourth or fifth round.

Tony Fiammetta

Fiammetti knows there are no guarantees, so he is just trying to enjoy this time in his life.

Part of the era includes taking in everything the league has to offer. He talked to so many running back coaches over the past few months. And they all offer out their best advice.

There are some parts of a game that can't be taught:

"I am a real hard worker, and I've always been a self-disciplined kind of guy. And I love the game of football. And I've played for myself, I've played for my family and I've played for God. It's the biggest excitement in my life. And I wouldn't want to be doing anything else."

*Interview conducted by's Jon Scott

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