Draft Q&A: Cal Linebacker Zack Follett

Cal LB Zack Follett could be an interesting prospect for the Arizona Cardinals, as they look to add depth to their defense. First, they will have to pry the California native away from the sandy beaches and sunny days. Tyson Qualls spoke with the prospect about his future in the NFL and what he brings to the table for any franchise that takes a chance on him.

What can the Cardinals expect if they decide to select you in the upcoming draft?

They can expect a high-energy player, with emotion, who loves the game. I always go all out on the field. Off the field, I am definitely the type of player who won't be getting in any trouble. I'm always giving 100 percent.

What have you done to improve your draft stock over the last few months?

I've been working out and training. Also, I am prepping to do workouts with Oakland and San Francisco. My main focus right now is improving my 40 time. The last time I ran the 40, I know I did not finish with as good of a time as I could have.

What knowledge gained in college do you feel has helped you the most in preparing for the NFL?

When I was in college my coach always told me not to go try and make a play. You have to focus on doing your job and the plays will come to you. I know that if I just make sure I do my job, the plays will come to me.

Where do you see yourself as an NFL player in five years?

Zack Follett

Hopefully I will have a big contract. I'd like to be a starter in the NFL and one of the premier linebackers.

Do you have any teams that you would specifically want to play for?

Right now I'm not really focused on any team. But if I could choose I would definitely want to stay in California. Maybe if I had to choose, I would say San Diego.

Are there any previous NFL players that you looked up to or modeled your game after?

The player I've always been impressed with is Brian Urlacher. When he was a rookie in 2000, I watched him play and I became a huge fan. I definitely like the players who have fun and enjoy what they are doing. I also have been a big fan of Terry Tate, because he knows how to get people pumped up.

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