Draft Q&A: Missouri DT Evander "Ziggy" Hood

Evander "Ziggy" Hood is on the radar of many teams in need of depth at the defense line, including the Cardinals who met with him this offseason. His size (6'3", 300 lbs) and athletic ability is an intriguing option for Coach Ken Whisenhunt. Will his experience at Missouri be enough to allow a successful transition from college to the pros? AZRedReport caught up with Hood.

Tyson Qualls: What have you been doing lately to increase your draft position?

Ziggy Hood: Basically I have just been traveling around and meeting with different teams.

TQ: How do you feel you will match up with the Cardinals offense line in practice?

ZH: I'm sure I will have my struggles as a rookie. But I know if I keep working, I can improve as time goes on. Eventually I know I could become a force.

TQ: What can the Cardinals expect if they decide to draft you?

ZH: The Cardinals are going to get a respectful player who is willing to work hard. They will get a player who has the ability to become a great player.

TQ: What is the most important knowledge that you gained in college?


DT Ziggy Hood

ZH: The best thing I learned in college was to be professional in everything you do. A big part of being professional is learning to always make the right choices.

TQ: Where do you see yourself in the NFL five years from now?

ZH: Hopefully I will be on a good team, competing for a starting spot. By then I want to have proved that I am a player who can stay and last in the NFL.

TQ: Do you have any teams you specifically want to play for?

ZH: Really at this time, it is hard to tell. When the draft gets here, then I will start to think about it. I just want to go to a team that I can fit in well with.

TQ: Are there any previous or current NFL players that you looked up to?

ZH: I've definitely looked up to Tommy Harris. He comes from a tough conference, the Big 12. He basically does the same thing that I am always trying to do. He's quick off the ball and goes all out on every play.

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