Cardinals Cover Bases With Third-Round Pick

The Arizona Cardinals jumpstarted Day Two by selecting Alabama Safety Rashad Johnson. Safeties Antrel Rolle and Adrian Wilson shore up the starting roles at that position, so Johnson will provide much needed depth and will be used as an insurance policy as well.

Whoever said a team can't have too many defensive backs hit the nail on the head. The Cardinals approached that mentality when they picked up Alabama Safety Rashad Johnson (5'11", 203) in the third round of the 2009 NFL Draft.

Johnson will add much needed depth and versatility to the secondary. He was taught by former NFL Coach Nick Saban who employed complex schemes and systems, which can only help Johnson with the Cardinals cover packages.

Johnson boasts the instincts that puts him in position to make a lot of plays.

The Cardinals spent time with Johnson at the NFL Scouting Combine.

Johnson is no stranger to hard work, as he earned his spot on the Alabama roster as a walk-on running back.

Adrian Wilson

Johnson adds to an impeccable last line of defense for the Cardinals. The Cardinals longest tenured player, SS Adrian Wilson is one of the top safeties in the league, and he's paid accordingly. Wilson brings in one of the top salaries for safeties, league wide. He enters his ninth year in the league, of which has all been spent in Arizona.

The Cardinals dropped his wingman, Terrence Holt in the 2008 offseason because he was also one of the top-paid safeties in the league but didn't perform like one.

The Cardinals have put forth efforts this offseason, to give Wilson a new contract. The upcoming season is a contract year for Wilson, and re-signing Wilson is a top priority for the Cardinals organization. But there are no guarantees in the National Football League.

Antrel Rolle is the Cardinals other starting safety. He made a seemingly effortless switch from corner back to free safety.

Johnson believes he can play both free safety and strong safety.

"I don't want to limit my game and say I can only do the free or I can only play the strong," Johnson said. "I think that I can play either safety. I can come in the box, and I can read the front line and fit in my gaps and make tackles. I can also play in the high and get over the top, and help my corners over the top and be able to fill allies on the run from free safety as well." dishes out a pat on the back to Brad Wilbricht who exposed the Cardinals strong interest in Johnson the Thursday before the draft. Click here .

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