Former Coach Dishes about CB Greg Toler

The Cardinals selected a relatively unknown cornerback from a small school in the fourth round of this year's draft. Although an exceptional athlete, Greg Toler will likely spend time on the bench in 2009 learning the pro game behind several Arizona veterans. Andy Bishop caught up with Toler's former Defensive Coordinator/DB's coach at St. Paul's College to talk about Greg's potential in the NFL.

Andy Bishop: What kind of player is Greg Toler?

Kevin Grisby: He's an exceptional athlete. He's a young man I new from the beginning could definitely play at the next level, if given the opportunity. I always felt that if he went to a Division I school he would definitely be a top draft pick. I've never seen anybody with the type of hips and foot speed he has. Greg is really aggressive and doesn't mind hitting.

AB: What skills does Greg possess that will help him be successful in the NFL?

KB: He loves playing man-to-man and getting in a guy's face. He has great ball skills and has great hands as well. When that ball goes up in the air—with the confidence he has—he believes it's his ball.

AB: What's one area where Greg can improve?

KB: He can definitely improve his technique. Being at the Division II level, he was just so much better than everyone out there on the field he didn't really have to use a whole lot of technique.

AB: How do you feel about Greg Toler being the first player drafted from St. Paul's College?

KB: I'm just happy for him more than anything, because he definitely belongs on the next level. It's a bonus for us because guys that want to take the same path as Greg have someone to look at. If they can work hard like Greg did, they can make it to the NFL also.

AB: Were you surprised that Greg was selected in the fourth round?

KB: I was a bit surprised. I thought he would probably go in the third round. From what I heard, I thought the Cardinals wanted to select Greg in the third round, but I guess they had a couple guys ahead of him that were still there. Regardless of what round he went in, he has to lace his cleats just like the first and second rounders. They all have to play football and show what they got.

AB: Coming from a Division II school, will it be hard for Toler to adjust to the NFL?

KB: No. Even though we're a Division II school, we try to recruit Division I players. Greg has the physical ability to be a solid player in the NFL.

AB: Do you see Toler eventually being a starter in the NFL?

KB: Most definitely. I believe he could start right now. Greg will be a starter at some point as long as he's humble and coachable like he's always been. I believe Greg could help the Cardinals in an every down capacity this year. He'll definitely be a starter and could easily be Pro Bowler in the next two or three years.

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