Q&A with Draft Analyst Chris Steuber, Part II

Scout.com Draft Analyst Chris Steuber wraps up his Q&A on the Arizona Cardinals' 2009 NFL Draft class. Where is Herman Johnson best suited to play? How will Will Davis' skill set translate to the NFL? How much truth is there to the comparisons between LaRod Stephens Howling and Darren Sproles? These answers and more inside.

Editor's Note: To read Part I where Chris Steuber talks about Chris Wells, Cody Brown, Rashad Johnson and Greg Toler, click here.

Amberly Dressler: Where do you think Herman Johnson is best suited to play? What do you see long-term for Johnson?

Chris Steuber: Herman Johnson is best suited to play guard. He lost a lot of weight this offseason and that was an encouraging sign, but he doesn't possess the quick feet needed to play tackle. If he develops his footwork more and improves his lateral quickness, there's a chance he could move to right tackle at some point in his career.

AD: The Cardinals are excited about Will Davis' potential. What are your thoughts on how his skill set will translate to the NFL?

CS: Will Davis is an interesting prospect, because he plays much faster than he was timed this offseason. At the Scouting Combine, he was timed at a 4.90, not exactly the time you want to see from a pass rusher. He had an up-and-down career at Illinois, where he primarily played DE. His best season was during his junior year when he recorded 41 tackles, 12.5 for a loss and 9.5 sacks. This past year he struggled a bit and only amassed 3.5 sacks. To be honest, I don't think there's a natural fit for Davis at any position in the NFL. He has the potential to play DE, but there are some who think he could play linebacker. He's a good defender, but lacks the explosion necessary to make an impact.

AD: LaRod Stephens-Howling receives comparisons to Darren Sproles. What are your thoughts on the said similarities?

CS: That's a realistic comparison, because of their measurables and quickness, but it's unfair because of the unforeseen success that Darren Sproles has achieved. However, LaRod Stephens Howling is an interesting player in his own right. He was a starter at Pitt until LeSean McCoy arrived and did fairly well. When you're talking about a 5-foot-7, 180-pound scat back, there's only so much you can expect; a prime example of that is former Cardinals second round pick J.J. Arrington. Arrington is a little thicker than Stephens Howling, but I think that's a better comparison.

AD: What are your thoughts on a statement that Trevor Canfield has a chance to be a better pro player than a college player?

CS: If that's the case, Trevor Canfield will be a very good pro. I thought he had a solid collegiate career. He wasn't a star, but he was consistent and tremendously durable; he only missed one game during his career. He was one of the better interior linemen in the Big East and has experience at right and left guard. He provides instant depth on the Cardinals offensive line and may develop into a better pro player than college player.

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