Expert Talks Michael Ray Garvin's Chances

Undrafted rookie free agent Michael Ray Garvin is a kick-return specialist. He has an uphill battle to make the Cardinals roster with just that skill alone. That said, Amberly Dressler checks in with Florida State beat writer Nate Greer to see if Garvin is really as one-dimensional as he seems. Greer explains his opinions of Garvin and what he has to do suit up with Arizona.

Amberly Dressler: Is Michael Ray Garvin as one-dimensional as he seems, or given the chance can he contribute in other ways besides the return game?

Nate Greer: Mike was given a chance to start from Day 1 at corner. Coming in he was a shorter, stocky guy who excelled in New Jersey. I think he had a rougher transition than he thought he would to the speed of the game. He is fast as heck, but the agility, explosion and elusiveness of guys gave him some problems. Many people thought he'd be a good slot guy, but he is stiff in the hips.

AD: What did you think his chances were of getting signed by a team?

NG: Mike is a weapon in the return game. He needs to work on his ability to make guys miss. I would like to see him get a look in a pro scheme when it comes to special teams. FSU's special teams coach isn't the best. Mike relies too much on his straight ahead speed, and he can't plant and flow or explode out of his cuts. Sometimes he comes to a complete stop to make a move.

AD: The Cardinals return game was dismal at best last season. What does Michael Ray Garvin have to prove to be in a Cardinals jersey on opening day?

NG: That he can be a CONSISTENT return man. He was the nation's leader in 2007 and was second last year in return yards. When he gets good blocking he can take it to the house. Can he make pro guys miss and create something? That's the answer. You look at guys like Devin Hester and Josh Cribbs. They have to create sometimes. I don't know if Mike can do that.

AD: Do you think he has the fight in him to overcome the huge uphill battle he has?

NG: His comments that he didn't get a fair shake at FSU kind of bothered me a bit. He WAS given a fair shot. Honestly several people thought this was a weak area in his game.

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