Condon Contracts: Good, Bad and Ugly

Cardinals General Manager Rod Graves said he has already had contact with Anquan Boldin's new agent Tom Condon. He said he looks forward to working with Condon, as the Cardinals and Condon have had a history of being able to get deals done. But what about the deals that haven't gotten done or took a notoriously long time to work out? has the answers.

Anquan Boldin's quest for a new contract is a sordid tale.

Anquan Boldin

With a little bit of Drew Rosenhaus Twitter here and a lot more Rosenhaus Twitter there, the whole situation has manufactured itself into one of the hottest headlines of the offseason.

Boldin put the brakes on the bad pub by handing Rosenhaus the breakup card. Legendary agent Tom Condon courted his way into Boldin's boardroom discussions. Rod Graves expects table tack with Condon later this month.

So who is Condon?

He's is as big time as Rosenhaus, minus ESPN cafeteria commercials. Remember in 2004 when Eli Manning refused to play for the San Diego Chargers even though the Bolts drafted him?

Condon held Manning's hand through the terrible possibility of playing in San Diego. Today, Philip Rivers soaks up the sunshine. To Manning's credit, he is the only one with the hardware.

Perhaps San Diego has one of the vilest histories with Condon. This offseason, Chargers fans grimaced at the possibility of LaDainian Tomlinson not suiting up come fall because Condon was at the realms of his contract negotiations. Back in Tomlinson's rookie days, he held out until a week before the start of the season with Condon's backing.

Drew Brees

Drew Brees should be mentioned as well. He left the southland for New Orleans when Condon couldn't work out a deal longer than one-year because Chargers' GM A.J. Smith had Rivers waiting in the wings.

LB Donnie Edwards is also counted in the above group. He made his way back to the Kansas City Chiefs because of a similar story.

A hop, skip and an hour plane ride away is the land of the Cardinals. Matt Leinart held out his rookie training camp, Condon was the agent. Leinart hit the field a few weeks behind the rest of the rookie class.

Leinart didn't listen to the media enough to know if his reputation took a hit but one has to believe it did.

"I'm not a greedy person, I would have left (USC early) I could have been a number one pick, or a top five," Leinart said his rookie year. "I'm not a greedy person, it is not about that. When it comes to business you want to get a great deal and that's what you have your agents for. It's over now."

The moral of the story is Condon likely won't be a walk in the park for Arizona either. While Rod Graves said the Cardinals have reached deals with him in the past, Condon will expect the Cardinals to live up to the face value Boldin thinks he's worth, a.k.a. Larry Fitzgerald kind of money. Afterall, that's Condon's job. And what Manning, Tomlinson, Brees, Edwards and Leinart have in common is a good guy theme, which Boldin hopes to be back part of.

For the Cardinals' sake, hopefully Boldin gets shown the money. Maybe Boldin's hamstring issue will also be resolved with some zeros. He will attend workouts, have another Pro Bowl year and all will be forgiven but as the story goes, not forgotten.

Amberly Dressler is a member of the Professional Football Writers of America and the Association for Women in Sports Media.

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