Deadline Passes, No Deal for Dansby

It's likely 2009 will be inside linebacker Karlos Dansby's last season with the club. Dansby has been the franchise player the past two years, and the team had until July 15 to sign him to a long term deal...

For the second consecutive year, it failed, and Karlos Dansby will player under a franchise figure of $9.7 million.

The club has tried to reach agreement with Dansby's agents for the past two years, yet reportedly came close to re-signing him once. That reportedly happened earlier this year, but according to sources, Dansby fired agent Kirk Wood just as a deal was getting close.

Dansby, who then hired Todd France, denied that. Dansby isn't bitter or angry. He's continually said he understands the business, and that he has made a business decision, too.

Dansby has long anticipated becoming an unrestricted free agent in 2010, which could be an uncapped season. He thinks a playmaking inside linebacker, who is only 28, will be an attractive commodity.

The Cardinals are unlikely to franchise Dansby again, given a third consecutive franchise number calls for a 44 percent raise, up to nearly $14 million.

The Cardinals won't pay that. Dansby reportedly is seeking a long-term deal that includes more than $20 million guaranteed.

It's doubtful the Cardinals are going to pay that, either.

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