TC Blog: Players, Coaches and Interns Report

The morning of July 30 began with intern Josh Sarkisian waking up before noon on summer break. Here's why...'s newest intern provides a look inside his camp experience. Follow his journey, along with the Cardinals, for the next few weeks.

The morning of July 30 began with me waking up at nine thirty in the morning. The desert sun was blinding through the windows of my aunt's home in Chandler, Arizona. I went downstairs to begin my final preparations for my trip up to Flagstaff.

After packing my car and making sure I hadn't forgotten anything, I said my goodbyes and headed north on Interstate 17. The slower traffic took some getting used to since I had been born and raised on the high-speed driving associated with Southern California. After about two hours and a complete change of scenery, I had finally arrived in Flagstaff.

The first thing I noticed immediately was that it was raining. I hadn't seen rain since February. Once the 17 ended, I turned off into my friend Antonio's apartment complex.

Anticipation set in as soon as I walked through the door.

Once I had gotten situated into my living arrangements for the next twenty days, my other friend from home Todd called me an told me he was going to come pick me up and show me his fraternity house. On the way there we passed by the McConnell building where the Cardinals players were staying. As we drove by we noticed Larry Fitzgerald riding his Segway up a steep hill. He obviously wanted to save his legs for the next day's practice.

As soon as my tour was over I returned home to Antonio's place to relax before my first day at training camp. My first night here brought with it butterflies in my stomach. I was excited and nervous at the same time. As I sat down to type my first story, I knew it would be the start of an amazing experience.

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