Training Camp: Lance Long Feeling the Love

The Arizona Cardinals training camp on Tuesday was in full force, with full contact plays and full support of fans watching their gridiron heroes. Some players improved on many levels and others faltered. WR Lance Long, among others, found themselves on the upside. Long put on a show last year at camp as well, which landed him a spot on the practice squad. What will happen this year?

Once again the segways became stars in their own right when QB Kurt Warner and WR Larry Fitzgerald zoomed onto the field for practice. The team went right into soft plays with minimal contact walkthroughs. Quarterback Matt Leinart went through the soft plays while Warner was stretching out. The Cardinals got some needed feedback from Coach Ken Whisenhunt to move forward with the agenda of the day.

Some players got right to business while the wide receivers held an entertaining catching contest to see who could catch the most footballs. Steve Breaston led with five catches, Michael Ray Garvin garnered three and Greg Toler grabbed a few down. The horn blew and the fun was over.

The wide receivers worked on practicing footwork and catching. The quarterbacks began with footwork as well, but were not to be outdone in the area of fun. The four of them competed by attempting to precisely sink the pigskin into a bucket, (Warner was the only one who was able to).

There was progress with wide receiver Jerheme Urban today; he was solid in his ball catches. His improved skill showed the rust had fallen off overnight. On the other hand wide receivers Onrea Jones and Garvin were struggling a bit to catch the ball. The most consistent receiver was Edward Gant, as he was able to seize the skin into his hands and keep it there.

Training was ratcheted up as Whisenhunt's orders were more precise and plays got more player to player involvement with full contact among the defense and the offense. The wide receivers had more interaction with the linebackers than previous practices.

Running back Chris Vincent was at ease with his ability to breakthrough the lines, while outside linebacker Clark Haggans was great at holding back the defense. Running back LaRod Stephens- Howling got knocked down but was able to get up with the ball firmly in his grasp, displaying his tenacity in keeping the ball close.

Wide receiver Lance Long was solid again (he also got two professions of love from female fans). Long is good at the plays. Even at a shorter stature than the rest of his teammates, he plays well and keeps his heart in it.

Fitzgerald, once again showed how catching was done and done right with his prowess and ease on the field and got the fans cheering with every good play.

The final horn blew and the team was better adjusted than they were before practice started. Their confidence in what they are doing is showing. With each day of improvement the Cardinals' tarnish is starting to wear off, showing promise to all for a repeat of last year's glorious season.

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