Training Camp: A Foundation to Build On

The agenda of Friday's training was to keep the plays under wraps. With the Cardinals practicing on the far field away from the general crowd, the kickers were given some extra attention. The wide receivers put on a show as well. The Cardinals are incorporating some unfamiliar faces in practice too.

Friday was the kickers day in the spotlight, with their brute force on the ball showing well and strong. Kicker Neil Rackers had a show of power, with his strong legs being able to take just three steps before he kicked the ball into the sky. It is like Rackers' legs are a jet engine gearing for takeoff with all the energy winding inside them until the moment of takeoff then they shoot the ball high.

Place kicker Ben Graham has wowed the stands consistently. Graham's raw talent and skill is apparent in the way he kicks with finesse. His kicking style is very explosive, and literally delivers on a regular basis. His ability to kick the ball through the goalpost from midfield or beyond is impressive. He later was able to launch the football into the goalpost straight into the stands behind the post.

The wide receivers once again (in the time they were close enough for all to see) were able to put on a show as well. They practiced running through fellow teammates while holding the ball.

Today was a much better day for receiver Larry Fitzgerald, who was able to breakthrough the struggles of prior practices he had been going through. He was the "Fitz" the fans know with his ability to keep the ball in grip and his prowess in catching the ball and his speed in getting the ball down the field. Though in one play cornerback Michael Adams was able to keep Fitzgerald away from the ball with an impressive block.

Receiver Jerheme Urban was playing a solid practice today and his confidence in his ability was apparent, he missed only a couple catches but kept the rest stuck in the palm of his hands.

Another player that caught attention was wide receiver Sean Morey, with a consistency in ball handling coupled alongside some memorable playing today; he proved he is to be reckoned with.

A very memorable highlight from Friday was receiver Anquan Boldin's one- handed catch and running with the ball and kept the ball in his hand to see the play out. Or cornerback Wilrey Fontenot's amazing interception that led to him succeed in faking out the other teammates on the field.

The other usual players were doing well today. Wide receiver Steve Breaston kept his game in check, as did receiver Edward Gant. Running back LaRod Stephens-Howling kept his speed and stamina on the field as a reason he should be on the team as a Cardinal.

Wide receiver Lance Long still was solid in his play and once again sparked interest from the fans. Before practice even started while other teammates were conversing with each other or just tossing the pigskin around he ran for a bit and then talked with the coach (probably get pointers to make his ability and game better on the field).

With the "Red and White" scrimmage on Saturday the Cardinals game has been stepped up on a regular basis and is apparent this team wants to be seen as a legitimate force. With each day coming and going and an increase in the population of fans watching the camp it has given the team a resolve and fire to make each day better than the previous one. There still is much for this team to build on but the Arizona Cardinals are well on their way to achieving their mission this season.

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