Monday's Camp Offers Unusual Struggles for AZ

Monday's training camp saw some players struggle, while others remained consistent in their abilities. Will the Cardinals be ready in time for Thursday's preseason matchup? Jonas Raynsford dishes up all the details.

Some of the wide receivers were having difficulties in catching or handling the ball on Monday at practice.

Receivers Onrea Jones and Michael Ray Garvin were having the most issues with the ball, with it appearing they could not get the ball to stick to them or able to get to the ball quick enough. Wide receiver Sean Morey had some technical difficulties in his ability to catch the ball early in practice but redeemed himself, getting his groove back and succeeding in ball handling later in the day.

The only solid wide receivers today were Larry Fitzgerald (who gave excitement to the rather subdued crowd today) Jerheme Urban and resident dark horse, Lance Long. Urban and Long were the most solid in their playing today with some good playing and handling among them both.

The only true energy today was when quarterback Kurt Warner passed to Fitzgerald deep in the field causing Fitzgerald to deliver the pigskin into the end zone. The fans cheered momentarily, then went silent soon after. The Warner/Fitzgerald combination consistently proves to be one of the more solid duos on the Cardinals.

The cornerbacks had probably the best day as they were able to block the offense most of the time. Cornerbacks Michael Adams and Jameel Dowling had successful plays as they efficiently blocked the ball from the wide receivers on a regular basis at practice.

The crowd was much less involved than usual. Though today had the least excitement of the camp so far, what could not be distinguished from afar was meant to be guarded, as the Pittsburgh Steelers opener is coming up.

The Cardinals have proven themselves worthy and in a couple days the rest of the country will see what only the players, coaches and fans have seen. The team, even on the more mundane and slow days, still display they have what it takes. The Arizona Cardinals will prove that the season they had last year was no mere fluke but a sign of greatness to come.

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