Cardinals' Training Camp Update

With the Arizona Cardinals fresh off their loss against the Pittsburgh Steelers, much was shown to the team on what they need to work on. Improving in those areas will help ensure a great season this year coming off a Super Bowl berth in 2008. Jonas Raynsford updates the recent training camp happenings in this exclusive.

With the beginning of the final week of training camp commencing, there were two focal points in practice. The first was the fight for the number two quarterback position between Matt Leinart and Brian St. Pierre. The other was Kurt Warner, period.

Warner got the attention of the crowd as there have been numerous remarks about his hip issues. All eyes focused on him when Warner attempted to gain flexibility from one of the trainers. The focus on Warner increased when a child with a handicap waived to him. Warner responded to the child while leaving the field, giving him a high five and a hug. This not only received applause from the crowd, but had people in the stands with eyes welled- up with emotion. Some even cried due to the moving image of it all.

The battle for the second-string quarterback between Leinart and St. Pierre was in full force today unlike the opener against the Steelers. With a tit-for-tat competition between them it was apparent to all the fire in both players' eyes. Leinart had his day in the sun with a few decent passes, but St. Pierre had the stands mentioning his name more often than Leinart's. This battle could be one that goes on well into the year as the decision may not be made until after the first few games of the regular season.

Other mentionable moments were the consistent catching skills of WR Jerheme Urban who continues to show why he could develop into a known commodity this season. Additionally, WR Larry Fitzgerald awed the crowd with his prowess and fellow wideout Anquan Boldin returned to action after being relegated to the sideline in a previous practice for "maintenance".

One thing that was a little off was WR Lance Long. Long has been one of the bright spots during training camp but seemed to have issues with his ball handling skills in recent practices. Long did have some good moments, but the steadiness in his ability waned.

With another preseason game rapidly approaching, the Cardinals have plenty to work out before they can duplicate their performance from last year. There are several battles on the field not just for starting positions but also for roster spots. Many success stories have surfaced in practice thus far but those successes need to be tested by fire in game situations. Arizona has every potential to win big again this year but they must keep perspective and focus on not letting the successes of one day compensate for the failures of another.

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