How Long Will Beanie Wells Be Out?

Rookie running back Beanie Wells reported to practice Sunday and Monday, but that's about it. After participating in individual drills, Wells sat out the remainder of the practice and did not run in full-team scrimmages. So why the hold up?

Coach Ken Wisenhunt said the move was precautionary because the organization doesn't want Chris Wells to aggravate injured ankle. Wells said he felt fine running and accelerating, but would slow down at the end of sprints, which he blamed on lack of practice. But is that really the case?

Ankle sprains account for 10 to 15 percent of all time lost to injuries in football on any level. The average ankle sprain can cost a player five weeks of playing time, but Beanie Wells has only missed sixteen days of practice and one game. So the question posed is this: should Beanie Wells miss the rest of training camp to help speed the healing process?

The answer from the Cardinals is a cautious "no". Both Wells and coach Wisenhunt agree that Wells should get more reps in practice. However, the Cardinals are going to keep an eye on that ankle. Wells will be allowed to play on a conditional basis, meaning he will be allowed to progress slowly so long as his ankle responds well daily.

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