Coach Concerned with Penalties and Turnovers

The Arizona Cardinals finished their preseason campaign with their fourth loss in as many games. Coach Ken Whisenhunt's biggest concerns were penalties and turnovers. He also has to deal with a few injuries to players...

General thoughts...

Ken Whisenhunt: "This game is so difficult because you are playing so many people. One guy, I think, who really stood out tonight was [CB] Michael Adams. He made some plays for us and competed. [CB] Greg Toler got some great work which is what we needed. On the opposite side of the ball we were a little out of sync early on. We're not running our packages, so it's hard to get in sync. I think we'll look20at the tape and see a few mistakes.

The thing I'm concerned about are the penalties and the turnovers, but two of those [turnovers] were off interceptions that were the cause of [QB] Matt's [Leinart] shoulder. I still feel good about our football team and the way we have been working. You'd like to see a little bit smoother start on both sides of the ball, but it was a little better than last week. At least we weren't down 28 [points] at the half."

On WR Larry Fitzgerald

KW "He's looking good. He's had a very good training camp. He's made some big plays for us in games so we feel very good about where he is. He's coming to camp this year in as good as shape as ever. The thing I like about Larry is that he's worked very hard on the details -- his routes and finishing."

On QB Kurt Warner

KW "Bringing him in the second drive, I wanted to get a little bit of flow going for him. We had a couple of throws the first drive where we were a little out of sync. I wanted to get him another throw, but obviously that kind of back-fired on me because we had the interception where Kurt never saw him [Broncos OLB/DE Darrell Reid], which happens. Kurt and I have talked quite a bit and he feels as good as he's felt coming out of the preseason. One thing you lose touch with is that he's worked with a number of different receivers. It's hard to get guys on the same page when you don't know how they're going to come out of their breaks and you haven't been working with them."

On the Broncos defense

KW "They made some big plays. They look like a good football team on the tape we've watched. Coach [Mike] Nolan does a great job defensively."

On the Cardinals defense

KW "I don't like the fact that we gave up a big play, but I like the fact that we were better in the Red Zone. One of the things we talked about coming into the season was limiting teams to field goals in the red zone. From that standpoint I'm pleased."

On injuries

KW "Obviously, [CB] Wilrey [Fontenot] had a concussion. He got knocked out. [WR] Jerheme Urban banged his knee. There's a little bit of swelling, but we'll get that looked at."

On G/T Elton Brown's ejection

KW "I don't think it was intentional. From what I saw, I think Elton was focused on the Broncos player and inadvertently bumped into the official. He certainly didn't go after the official."

On QB Matt Leinart's shoulder

KW "Ultimately, you look at the position and think that he will be the starter, and there will be times when your shoulder is sore. You have to work to come through that week, and I think that's what this week was about, so Matt would have a baseline about what he has to do to get ready and how he has to play through that. Next time if he's in that situation he'll understand better what he has to do."

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