Tyson Q's: Fantasy Football Corner

The 2009 preseason has come to a close and games that will decide the outcome of the season have finally arrived. Heading into the new campaign are players looking to regain that lost relevancy after a disappointing season. Tyson Q's Fantasy Football Corner reviews the top comeback candidates and discusses which old dogs may have learned a few new tricks.

LaDainian Tomlinson:

Nobody revels in proving the haters wrong more than LT. He has undoubtedly used comments regarding his age as fuel for the competitive fire. Jim Brown anointing Adrian Peterson as the best running back in the NFL only further stoked the flame. LT is finally healthy after two injury-plagued seasons and plays at another level when he has a chip on his shoulder. If he is going to be successful in his rejuvenation attempt, he will have to disprove one of the most consistent facts in the NFL; turning 30 is the end of the line for premier running backs.

Never count out LT, he is a player who maintains a vigorous training regimen and could be poised for one final MVP-caliber season. Of course, that will ride on his ability to stay healthy for the first time since 2006. Keeping Darren Sproles at bay will also provide more motivation for the veteran. Once considered the consensus No. 1 pick, LT could be the steal of the second round for owners looking to gamble on a superstar who may have a little more left in the tank.

Torry Holt:

After posting eight consecutive 1,000-yard seasons, Holt trudged through the worst season of his NFL career. The St. Louis Rams were riddled with injuries and the offense never hit its stride. Playing in a different uniform for the first time, Holt could find his way to another productive season. David Garrard looks to have gotten back on track after a somewhat disappointing 2009 season.

While Holt may not have very much tread left on his tires, he has managed to avoid major injuries. During the course of his 10-year career, Holt has watched from the sidelines only two times. Receiving passes from a consistent quarterback and a decent offensive line should be the spark needed to give Holt one more shot at 1,000 yards.

Chad Ochocinco:

Ochocinco was far from his usual self during last season. Not having Carson Palmer at full strength for the majority of the year proved to be an insurmountable obstacle. With Palmer returning and the loss of T.J. Houshmandzadeh, Ochocinco is the focal point of the offense. The added throws his way will certainly benefit all fantasy owners who don't mind a little eccentricity on their squad. Ochocinco's biggest enemy will be the stability of the Bengals' franchise.

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