Shaun Hill Talks Cardinals, NFC West

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Shaun Hill is excited to hit the football field and take on the NFC champions. He's thought his team has been ready to compete for an NFC West title for a while now and Sunday is the first test. He thinks the 49ers are finally ready to turn the corner. "It is in our sights, it is in our goals."

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Shaun Hill takes the helm on Sunday on the opposite sideline of a quarterback that his team hosted over the offseason. But Hill didn't read too much into his team flirting with Kurt Warner.

"I think one of you guys broke the news to me, I was trout fishing," Hill said. "It's not like I was too worried about it then and I haven't read into it since. It is part of the NFL."

What Hill should be worried about is the Cardinals defense, or any team's defense blitzing toward him.

"The Cardinals defense, obviously, is a very active group. They look good. They are going to come ready to play. They are flying around moving to the ball. They are a quick, active group."

Hill's passing production wasn't too active this preseason, but he isn't concerned. Hill completed just 17 passes in four games.

But San Francisco managed to get the wins. Even if it's preseason, a win is a win. Lucky for the Cardinals, who went 0-4 in the preseason, they get a clean slate on Sunday.

"Nothing from the preseason really means anything at this point. Our 3-1 record has vanished, all those other stats are gone, nobody has any touchdowns, nobody has any points, nobody has any wins or losses as of right now. That is the way I look at it anyway."

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