Is Gandy the Weakest Spot on AZ's Line?

Mike Gandy has heard his name mentioned more in the past three weeks than probably any other time in his nine-year career. He's shouldered a lot of the blame for contributing to Kurt Warner's seven sacks in just three games. The inconsistency of the offensive line is a big-time worry for the Cardinals, considering its played 22 straight games together.

LT Mike Gandy and his O-line mates (Reggie Wells, Deuce Lutui and Lyle Sendlein) have played 22 straight games together. So where is the consistency?

The Cardinals were embarrassed in Week 1 against the San Francisco 49ers at home. The 49ers handed the Cardinals an 0-1 start. Kurt Warner felt the pressure, as the O-line struggled on both the run and the pass. Mike Gandy was a glaring weakspot. Out of 12 penalties called that day, Gandy was called for false start and holding penalties. He gave up 15 yards.

Week 1 put the Cardinals offensive line in the dog house, and the big men up front stayed there even after a win over the Jacksonville Jaguars in Week 2, when the Cardinals gave up no sacks and allowed Warner to set an NFL single-game record for completion percentage (24 for 26 passes, 92.3). He threw for 243 yards and a pair of touchdowns.

Despite the win, the offensive line still slept on the coach heading into Week 3, when they faced the best pass rush they'd seen this season. No NFL records could diminish the Cardinals offensive line's poor performance against the Indianapolis Colts.

Gandy knew he didn't win enough one-on-one battles against the Colts. DE Dwight Freeney took Gandy out to lunch, as he got around him with ease. Gandy failed to find his rhythm against a formidable opponent. He says he hopes to limit those kind of games.

Gandy isn't alone on the poor performance island, and he knows he needs to take his game up 10-fold. Hopefully a better performance by Gandy will help out RT Levi Brown as well. Brown has also given up his fair share of plays. It isn't a secret that Warner needs more time in the pocket and will wait until the last second to make the play. The Cardinals offensive line, starting with the tackles, need to improve if the Cardinals have a chance down the road against the elite teams in this league such as the New York Giants in Week 7.

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