Monday Morning Quarterback: Hurt Pride

Pride is a Cardinal Sin for a reason. The Arizona Cardinals saw the wrath of pride first-hand when they took a surprise beating from the Panthers at home in Week 8. Arizona prides itself on many aspects but none were present in front of its home crowd on Sunday. The Cardinals proudest attributes vanished in a 34-21 loss. Can they bounce back in time for the Chicago Bears?

Coach Ken Whisenhunt said all week that the Carolina Panthers were a good football team. Post-game, he continued to blow their horn. But the reality is, the Cardinals were the clear favorites to take the win.

The Cardinals loss came down to several mistakes on both sides of the ball.

Pride also got in their way.

The Cardinals took home an emotional win on the road in Week 7 against the New York Giants, which paved the way to talks of the Cardinals truly being counted as an elite football team in the NFL. The Cardinals enter in and out of these conversations on a weekly basis.

The Cardinals only hold three losses, but it's the way they've lost those games that has kept them in constant limbo.

It doesn't help the Cardinals' case that all three of their losses have been in front of their home crowd, where historically they've done their best.

Losing at home doesn't make Whisenhunt happy. He says the team prides itself in playing well at home, which they've done since he's taken the reigns.

He remains optimistic. The Cardinals hold the same record as they did last year, on their voyage to Super Sunday. But Whisenhunt says they Cardinals can't afford to play a game like Sunday's after they've been on a roll.

This week, they'll focus on a number of errors they need to clean up before facing the Chicago Bears.

Clark Haggans

One of which was their defense's inability to tackle the Panthers. Against the Giants, the Cardinals tackled well. Whisenhunt is disappointed with this aspect of his football team because tackling is something the Cardinals have prided themselves in this season. Looking back to 2008, it's something that needed repairing.

As for Kurt Warner's game, Whisenhunt didn't criticize Warner for the costly and plentiful turnovers because many of Warner's intercepted passes were a result of tipped balls.

Warner says the Panthers were just everywhere.

"It's one of those games where it just seemed that every time the ball was bouncing somewhere it went into their hands," Warner said. "And it's to their credit. They were hustling, they were running all over the football field, they were making plays [and] we weren't making them."

On the other sideline, Jake Delhomme admitted coming into Arizona that he was at one of his lowest points as a quarterback. He knew in order to bounce back, the Panthers needed to go to work.

"We were going to play the best team in football on Sunday," Delhomme said. "Let's be honest, we were going to play a heck of a football team. We needed to come out here and do whatever we can to win and go back to work. We are up against the wall again next week and just [have] that same attitude. [The] attitude was great, the confidence. You felt it at halftime, you felt it.. It was just good. It was very good."

The Cardinals hope to have a similar post-game message against the Bears next week. The Cardinals have an early call time on the East Coast, which last year they struggled with. This year, it hasn't been an issue. But neither were many of the issues prevalent in Sunday's loss to the Panthers.

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