Cardinals to Face Frustrated 49ers

The Cardinals haven't been without their share of ups and downs this season. But their troubles are nothing compared to that of the 49ers. The Bay City team watched their NFC West lead get flushed and added losses that should have been W's. Coach Mike Singletary looks to put all his team's frustrations behind it before facing Arizona. Does SF have what it takes to sweep the Cardinals?

Mike Singletary sounds a lot like Ken Whisenhunt did in 2007. Singletary, like Whisenhunt did with the Cardinals, believes that something special is happening with his San Francisco 49ers team. Singletary hopes to show that on Monday Night against the Super Bowl runner-ups, the Arizona Cardinals.

Heading into their second matchup of the season, the Cardinals can clinch the division with a win over the 49ers. San Francisco has missed the playoff boat yet once again. Singletary says he can care less that the math doesn't add up for his team to make a post-season run.

"I think the only thing that we need to be focused on is that Arizona is coming up," Singletary said. "I mean, hopefully we can gather the things that we need to gather amongst ourselves."

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Singletary admits that last Sunday's loss to the Seattle Seahawks was a tough one. The two teams were tied 14-14 heading into halftime. The 49ers managed a field goal in the second half; Seattle managed two for the win.

Despite the loss, QB Alex Smith played a career game. The rest of the team impressed Singletary as well.

"Unfortunately, character does not show in numbers in the game," Singletary said. "But I cannot tell you how proud I am of these guys. Do we have a lot of work to do Trust me, you have eyes, we have a lot of work to do. Do we have a lot of great players on this team? We have some players that are really developing and will soon be great players once they learn how to focus, once they learn how to capture the vision and understand what it is, once they learn the little things. What they think are secrets are not secrets. It is just a matter of confidence and consistency. No, I am far from being disappointed in this team."

Singletary may not be disappointed, but he is frustrated. After losing a must-win game to Seattle, San Francisco just has to put its head down and go to work.

"We have to continue moving forward," Singletary said. "The Ground work from this, somehow, someway this will be a positive for us going forward, but right now it doesn't fell that way."

Singletary expects his team to rebound against the Cardinals, who the 49ers defeated in Week 1, in Arizona.

"I am not thinking that we might not be able to rally together and play a good game, but I want to win this Monday Night. I want people to see that the 49ers are a team that's out here in the West that really isn't the same team. Something is happening out here, and hopefully we can show that on Monday."

Both teams enter Monday Night's game with a lot to prove. The 49ers want to show they will be a contender next year and can sweep the Cardinals. Arizona not only wants to clinch the division in front of a national audience, but also wants to show the 49ers who is in control of the West.

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