In the House of the Rival: Cards vs. 49ers writer Tyson Qualls headed into the den of the enemy Monday night. Surrounded by hostile fans, while a disappointing Cardinals' offense fueled their intensity, he still managed to take a few key points from the game. What happened at Candlestick Park? Are the Cardinals going to stumble into another postseason? Here are five questions answered from the NFC West contest.

Who is Kurt Warner?

Half Drew Brees, half Jamarcus Russell. The ageless one struggled throughout the evening, frequently looking confused and frustrated by the lack of open receivers. At times during this season Warner has proven to still be a top flight quarterback. However, he has also shown another side. The Cardinals' playoff hopes ride on two key aspects; Warner's ability to play consistently and the offensive line's ability to protect him.

Where is the mean streak?

It is hard to imagine that a defense that allowed Adrian Peterson to gain less than 20 yards, folded on the run so mightily the next week. Granted they were put in tough positions due to turnovers, but giving up 167 yards to Frank Gore is simply not acceptable.

The fans showed more tenacity than the Cardinals did, as multiple fights broke out during the final quarter.

What is with the turnovers?

Three out of the four running backs on the Cardinals' roster put the ball on the grass during the game. One fan in particular mentioned that after tonight's game, he was going to open a bakery and sell enough "Cardinals Turnovers" to retire.

Five fumbles and two interceptions doomed the Cards and dug them into a hole they never climbed out of. Coach Whisenhunt is running out of backs to trust with the rock.

How can you get flagged for off sides on three of the first five plays?

The Cards opened the game with a bang, committing infractions and racking up 15 yards of penalties on the first five plays alone. Calais Campbell was flagged twice, setting the negative tone early for the team. Penalties like that are nothing more than a lack of focus. If the Cardinals are going to make another push, they have to regain that concentration and stop making dumb mistakes.

When Can the Cardinals expect to clinch the division?

The 49ers face a tough matchup in Philly and the Cardinals face one of the most destitute franchises in NFL history. The Cardinals should clinch this weekend, as long as they can bring a mean streak to Michigan and protect the football.

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