Rams QB Draws Comparisons to Warner

With Rams QB Marc Bulger officially on injured reserved, rookie Keith Null will likely be under center come game time. However, some reports say Kyle Boller might get the nod instead. Null played in the last two Rams losses. Null talks about his similarities to Kurt Warner. The two have a more similar story than you'd think.

Keith Null led the Rams to a pair of losses in as many games. With Marc Bulger injured, Null posted 338 yards, two touchdowns, six interceptions and four sacks.

This week, Null has focused on getting better in every facet.

"I think it is the same thing I was working on last week – just getting better, making my reads, hitting the right people, executing out there, and trying to get my team in the right position to score," Null said.

After two less than mediocre starting performances, he continues to take a former Rams' lead.

"I have definitely looked up to Kurt Warner," Null said. "I think he is a great guy on and off the field. Great Christian man – that is definitely what I look up to the most about him. He gives God the glory for everything he does. He has definitely been one of those guys that I have loved watching him play."

Null hopes for the start ahead of Kyle Boller.

"That would be awesome to go out and compete against somebody that you have watched on TV and really admired, so that would definitely be great."

Null sees many similarities between himself and Warner.

"Yeah, our stories are really similar in that fact. He didn't get drafted. We both bagged groceries for a time – mine was only two weeks though. There are so many things that are very similar so that is cool."

Boller understands he has to get past the Cardinals defense in order to get the best of Warner's team on Sunday.

"We've played them once before. They are a great defense – a lot of good guys in the secondary and really everywhere; linebackers on the line. We just have to go out and execute, do our job, concentrate on what we have to do, and I think we will do well."

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