Brandon Graham Extends Alan Branch

DE Brandon Graham's motor and talent has impressed at the Senior Bowl this week. He credits a lot of his skill to an ex-Wolverine. But he's avoided picking up a bad habit or two from his former teammate, Arizona DT Alan Branch. A Graham addition to the Cardinals roster would erase a whole lot of question marks. caught up with Graham to talk Branch, Gabe Watson and more.

Major shakeups to the Cardinals defensive front seven are on the horizon. Karlos Dansby's one foot out the door has evolved into much more after two consecutive franchise tags. Chike Okeafor, a free agent, could also be up for grabs. Bertrand Berry took himself out of the equation by announcing his retirement recently. And Alan Branch is only just beginning to show that he wants to be in red.

Branch's former Michigan teammate, Brandon Graham (6'1", 263), could help fill a void or two. He is a defensive end but projects to be an outside linebacker in a 3-4 defense. Graham could start immediately and add youth, talent, explosiveness and a motor that never quits to the Cardinals pass rush.

The Cardinals best player on the board draft mentality should continue in 2010. If Graham is available, the Cardinals would be remiss not to add him to a now iffy front seven.

Brandon Graham and Daryl Washington
(Shana Siler)

Check out correspondent Michael Lombardo's interview with Graham below...

ML: Tell me about today's practice.

BG: We tried to do good for the last part of practice, you know. This may be the last time we (defensive linemen) ever play together. We tried to go out there with intensity and set the tone and that's what we did today.

ML: How much friendly competition is there on the defensive line?

BG: It's the best defensive line I've been a part of. This is the most fired up I've ever seen an all-star team. We're ready to win on Saturday.

ML: What do you know about Alan Branch and Gabe Watson?

BG: I played with Alan Branch and I knew Gabe when I first came in. I know both of those guys but I only played with Alan.

ML: Do you follow what those guys are doing in Arizona?

BG: Yeah, I see Branch out there. He finally stopped being lazy and got a part of the team [laughs]. I'm happy for him because he's been there a long time and he's a good weapon to have.

ML: Would you like to have a chance to play for the Cardinals and be reunited with some of those guys?

BG: I doesn't matter where I go. I'm just hoping to go somewhere.

ML: Do you stay in touch with any other NFL guys?

BG: Yeah, LaMarr Woodley. I've talked to him a little bit just to let him know what's going on and stuff like that. I was going to call [Larry] Foote, but I didn't get around to it because I had too many interviews last night. But Woodley is kind of like my mentor and somebody I look up to because I took everything he knows and tried to use it.

ML: Who are some of the NFL teams you've interviewed with?

BG: I interviewed with a lot of teams, too many to name.

ML: What are your goals for the rest of the week?

BG: Just to finish strong and go home. I want to get on the plane and feel good about myself, knowing I gave it my all.

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