Joey Porter Westward Bound?

The Arizona Cardinals could add a play making veteran this offseason, if soon-to-be ex Miami Dolphins player Joey Porter gets his way. With Bertrand Berry's retirement and much of the front seven in limbo, the Cardinals need to solidify their defense with an elite pass rusher. While Porter isn't the same player of yesteryear, his gas in the tank should be considered.

The Miami Dolphins released 12-year outside linebacker Joey Porter on Friday, but the league said not so fast. Porter's release marks one of the first problems of a new season that could begin without a salary cap. Porter is back on the Dolphins roster for now, but his release in March is imminent.

Porter, who turns 33 next month, is known just as much for his mouth as his talent. Porter's well-known hissy fits could keep him out of two of the teams he's expressed interest in. Porter's preferences are to play for a 3-4 team in the West, which means the Arizona Cardinals, the San Diego Chargers or the San Francisco 49ers.

Joey Porter

From a PR standpoint, San Francisco seems like the best fit. The Cardinals and the Chargers are two of the league's most image conscientious teams. Their stars of the past few years reflects that thought. The squeaky clean images of LaDainian Tomlinson, Kurt Warner and Larry Fitzgerald are a far cry from Porter's.

A Porter addition seems unlikely mostly on that account. Although Coach Ken Whisenhunt is already familiar with Porter's demeanor from his days with the Pittsburgh Steelers, a Mike Singletary type character seems like the best fit to reign Porter in.

Porter's remaining gas in the tank could be difficult to pass up though. Had Porter suited up for Arizona last season, his nine sacks would have led the team by a comfortable two-sack margin in the regular season. The story is the same for the Chargers.

Porter's inconsistency is also an issue. He makes a couple statement plays in a game and then disappears. But the Cardinals defense would be throwing a rock in a glass house if they questioned his consistency.

A Porter signing could vastly improve the Cardinals defense for the time being. On the flip side, it could regress the Cardinals progress, as they need a long-term solution rather than a very attractive Band-Aid.

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