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The Arizona Cardinals have plenty of wheeling and dealing that needs to get done this offseason. Here to help readers sort through the to-do list is Senior NFL Reporter Adam Caplan. What's the market like for Karlos Dansby? What are some probable Anquan Boldin trades? Is there a free agent acquisition at quarterback in the cards? These answers and much more inside.

The Arizona Cardinals slapped the franchise tag on Karlos Dansby two years in a row. What do you think the likelihood of the Cardinals and Dansby reaching a long-term deal is this offseason?

Adam Caplan: I would say not likely based on the potential market out there for him. The Cardinals typically haven't invested a lot in the linebacker position over the years.

If they can't, what do you estimate Dansby's value to be in the open market?

If they slapped the franchise tag on him again, they would owe him $11.6 million, so that's highly unlikely to happen again.

Still, because of the uniqueness of free agency this year, Dansby should be able to yield a solid deal elsewhere.

Karlos Dansby
There aren't going to be many players that will become unrestricted free agents that are capable of playing most if not all linebacker positions.

I'd put his value at an average of $6-8 million per season based on his positional versatility (ability to play ILB or OLB).

What teams would be interested in Dansby and why?

AC: Because of his positional versatility, he could receive quite a bit of interest in the free agency market.

Teams that could have an interest based on need include the Buffalo Bills, Cleveland Browns, Detroit Lions, Kansas City Chiefs, Miami Dolphins, Philadelphia Eagles, and St. Louis Rams.

Because there isn't likely to be a salary cap, there shouldn't be anything that prohibits teams that are in need of linebacker help from making a run at him.

He could probably play inside or outside in 3-4 scheme. He fits in at MLB or SLB best in a 4-3, but NFL Films' Greg Cosell said he could play some at WLB in certain 4-3 schemes.

The Cardinals seem much more likely to be open to trade offers for Anquan Boldin this offseason. What are some reasonable trades? Who could be behind them?

AC: Because of his age (turns 30 in October) and lengthy injury history, the trade market for Boldin may not be that big.

I could see them getting a conditional third-round pick back that could be worth as high as a second depending how much time he sees this season. Of course, that means the pick would be for the 2011 draft, not 2010.

Teams that make sense for him based on need include the Baltimore Ravens, Chicago Bears, Detroit Lions, Jacksonville Jaguars, and Miami Dolphins.

Arizona's coaching staff has expressed confidence in Matt Leinart, but one has to wonder. Out of the available quarterbacks, do you see any better fits for Arizona?

AC: The expectation is that the Cardinals will sign or acquire at least one veteran quarterback.

Jason Campbell, who is scheduled to be a restricted free agent without a new CBA by 3/5, is the best choice. He's an accurate passer with a good arm. He just needs time to throw the ball because of his elongated release.

Antrel Rolle has a very hefty lump of bonus money coming his way in March, plus his salary hits about $8 million. Any word on whether the Cardinals will be able to restructure his contract before the start of free agency? What's his chances of returning?

AC: His roster bonus ($4 million) is due, I believe on 3/5. When you take in account his base salary of over $8 million, they'll owe him over $12 million for this season.

The expectation is that the team will attempt to restructure his deal, but that won't be easy with the changes in the rules for the probable uncapped season coming up.

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